HMH Strain Reviews: Louis XIII OG

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Reviewed by Chelsea


Symptom relief: Gastrointestinal relief, Chron's Disease, Pain, Fatigue and Stress

"I wanted a strain for my day off -- something to treat my symptoms from Chron's Disease as well as my chronic neck pain. This strain took care of it all, while giving me a euphoric cerebral boost!"


Beautiful buds covered in sparkling trichromes! Curly orange hairs (technically these hairs are the flower’s pistils, which is crucial to plant reproduction if you know your botany) are long, cascading around the nugs like a 17th century wig made by the King himself. Fun fact: The real King Louis XIII was a famed wig maker for fellow aristocrats.


A truly royal nose! Earthy, piney perfume, likely rom the high concentration of terpenes pinene and humulene. Smells like sandalwood, conjuring images of a fancy pirate captain…is this what Johnny Depp would smell like? Hmm….


Packed the bowl in my super clean water pipe to savor the true-to-nose flavor. Tastes how it smells—elegantly rugged.


A classy high with a gentlemanly experience. First puffs open the door to wellness, easing you into a state of happy relaxation. Louis is happy to go out dancing or chill in bed until the afternoon hours. At the end of your experience, he brings you home pain and paranoia free. Smoking this strain made ME feel like a king!