HMH Strain Reviews: Blue Dream

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blue-dreamBlue Dream

Reviewed by Chelsea

Symptom relief: pain, nueromuscular fatigue, IBS/Crohn's, anxiety, depression and stress

"I chose this strain because it has always delivered its medicinal effects. Most batches, including this one, tend to have very beautiful buds & is highly potent. It is my favorite hybrid :-)"


Blue Dream has chunky lime green buds that are glittering with trichomes.


Blue Dream's aroma is floral - with elements of sage and pine - sweet and berry. It's delicious!


Smoking Blue Dream was a pleasant experience: smooth smoke, with a sweet, mellow flavor that tends to linger.


Some thoughts while medicating: "It feels like little plush turtles are polishing my brain, massaging it with their fuzzy lime green little shells." Blue Dream never disappoints -- it leaves me feeling like a veteran yogi: super stretchy and mentally balanced. My body loosens up as the stress and pain dissolves. It is really the best of both indica and sativa worlds and it is not too cerebral (I'm sativa sensitive). No racing or negative thoughts, instead my headspace was euphoric and fresh!