HMH Strain Reviews: Hindu Skunk

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"Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them, but you know they are there. Sweet, cheesy and nutty, this strain is much like your friends at High Mountain Health!" - Tulasi

"...incredibly relaxing, like floating on Aladdin's magic carpet." - Kevin

Hindu Skunk

Reviewed by Kevin & Taylor B


Hindu Skunk has a very appealing bud structure. The first thing you notice about the flower are the over sized colas. The extra large bud structure is very pleasing to look at. The flower is covered in an array of red and brown hairs and has very nice trichome coverage.


Hindu Skunk has a complex but pleasing nose. The aroma is skunky, earthy, cheesy, sweet, and fruity all at the same time. It smells like a smooth fruity whipped cream with a side of stinky cheese.


Hindu Skunk has an amazing flavor, especially when used with a Pax 2 vaporizer. Hindu is smooth and creamy, think a fruity dessert cream cheese. This is by far one of the most pleasing tasting flowers on our menu.


This is my favorite strain for a relaxing evening. I love the incredibly relaxing effect I get without the super heavy tiring high of some indicas. It has amazing pain reliving qualities and frees my mind from the stresses of the day. I can trust Hindu Skunk for a mellow warm body high that takes away all my troubles.

Hindu Skunk is an all encompassing indica. Not too heavy, not too light, Hindu Skunk is just right. The effects of Hindu Skunk are incredibly relaxing, like floating on Aladdin's magic carpet. This strain really opens the mind, relaxes the body, and soothes the soul. The smoke is smooth and does not hurt the throat or lungs. Hindu hugs your body and lets all your troubles float away.