HMH Strain Reviews: Blueberry Cough

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Blueberry Cough

Reviewed by Jack
Symptom relief: depression, anxiety, stress, mild pain


Blueberry Cough has an absolutely beautiful bud structure. This flower is a wonderful shade of dark green with long, dark red and brown pistils in average abundance. It is extremely frosty, and looks like miniature Christmas trees covered in trichome-y goodness!


Blueberry Cough smells just like blueberry with a slightly musky tone to it. There's no other way to describe it!


This batch of Blueberry Cough is unbelievably good. I mean, WOW! Through a vaporizer, this tasted exactly like blueberry candy or even like blueberry e-cig liquid rather than cannabis. This is definitely one of my favorite-tasting batches so far.


The effect of this Blueberry Cough is a very happy, gentle, calming high. It is relaxing without being saturated, and euphoric without a spacey feeling. It was very balanced in my experience, offering me the best of both worlds - sativa and indica.