A Simple Guide to KAYA Oil Cartridges

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KAYA Infusions handcrafts three types of oil cartridges for discreet medicating: Mys-Stix, Rip-Stix, and Sol-Stix.


There's already so much going on in a dispensary that even the most knowledgeable cannabis patient needs guidance. In this post, we'll lay out the exact difference between these three fantastic cannabis extractions. The vaporizer oil cartridges from KAYA are best when used with their own branded Jupiter power supply as well as other compatible batteries. It is best not to use oil cartridges with more powerful batteries than are necessary.

KAYA Infusions Mys-Stix and Rip-Stix are conveniently color coded:





KAYA Infusions products (including oil cartridges) are available at High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, Arizona as well as:

  • High Mountain Health Dispensary, Flagstaff (Entire Line)
  • Oasis Dispensaries, Chandler (Mys-Stix, Sol-Stix)
  • The Giving Tree Wellness Center of Phoenix, North (Health Oil)
  • The Giving Tree Wellness Center of Mesa (Health Oil)
  • Salubrious Wellness Center (SWC), Tempe (Mys-Stix, Sol-Stix, Health Oil)
  • Ponderosa Releaf, Maricopa (Mys-Stix, Happy Bites)
  • Emerald Dispensary, Phoenix (Health Oil)
  • Nova Dispensary, Mesa (Mys-Stix, Sol-Stix, Rip-Stix, Health Oil)


Each Mys-Stix oil cartridge from KAYA Infusions contains a half of a gram of solventless clear oil. This cartridge is most familiar to the average cannabis patient. They are infused with strain-specific naturally derived organic terpenes at the current time. KAYA Infusions is committed to your safety. Mys-Stix emit a basically odorless vapor and deliver effects in one of the most discreet ways available. Currently, the Mys-stix oil cartridges are available in Green Crack, Tangie, and Gorilla Glue #4, OG Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, and Gelato.


This oil cartridge is for the purist in the bunch. Rip-stix contain 420 milligrams of cannabis oil and completely uncut. Pure oil is a big draw in a world where most of these oil cartridges tend to include PEGs, coconut oil, and other agents that not everyone is comfortable with. KAYA labels each Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid cartridge with an easy to follow color coding system.


KAYA Infusions created Sol-Stix for the patient who isn't looking for too much action in their CB1 receptors. Sol-Stix oil cartridges are made with clear solventless oil currently made from High Mountain Health grown ACDC, at a 1(THC):3(CBD) ratio. ACDC is a strain that tests very low in THC in comparison to other cannabis strains. It is valued by cannabis patients who are treating their endocannabinoid deficiency with CBD. These pens are ideal for patients treating chronic pain caused by inflammation and are also quite useful for anxiety and stress relief.