Staff of the Month: Brian!

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Staff of the Month: Brian!

NAME: Brian

NICKNAME(S): B, Chef Brian

POSITION: Extraction Manager

FAVORITE STRAINS: SFV OG, Sour Diesel, Larry OG, Holy Grail Kush, Bruce Banner

FAVORITE EDIBLES: Baked Bros. Pourable THC Syrup - Mango

FAVORITE CONCENTRATES: MPX Live Resin, Firebrand Live Resin, Cherry Bhomb Extracts

SPECIAL SKILL: Culinary art and cannabis science

GOALS, INTENTIONS, ASPIRATIONS: To provide clean and potent concentrates for the Arizona state MMJ patients.

ABOUT: Born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona.

FUN FACT: My mom, dad, sister, and I were all born on the 2nd of a month.