Patient Success Story: Armando B.

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May Patient Success Story

Meet Armando B!

Hi my name is Armando, I’m an Arizonan now but was born in San Diego, California and grew up in Southern Cali. When I was younger, I was the victim of a drive-by shooting and suffered multiple bullet wounds–three in my stomach, one in my arm, one in my leg, the doctors told me told me I wouldn’t walk but after two yeats of therapy my muscles and bones were able to heal. It helped by body was still young and growing, nowadays I still feel the pains in my legs as an adult. Like many people, I deal with depression and anxiety sometimes, too, but I can’t complain. To me, I am blessed to be alive.


Marijuana has been medically legal since the ’90’s in California so I have been aware of it since I was a teenager. When I was about fifteen, I had to watch my mom go through abdominal cancer and saw that pills did a lot of damage. I have had stomach ulcers since I was fifteen, but I can’t see myself taking pills.  I know medical marijuana helps people and I know it helps me. I know the difference between cannabis medicine and convectional pharmaceuticals–less damage on the body, promotes healing inside and out, and no long-term side effects.

I love cannabis medicine, that one natural plant can treat all my conditions.

I have stomach ulcers, neuroskeletal damage, and muscular pain. I can’t eat normally and most mornings I wake up nauseous. I typically medicate at night so when I wake up I can function but sometimes I have to get up extra early and step outside to smoke. If I don’t I get very anxious and cranky the next day.

I have four kids and when I have my medicine I am better able to take care of my kids, my father in law, and my house.

I don’t smoke in front of the kids, although I do use edibles on occasions when I need them. Not being in pain helps me be more present for my family. Sometimes I have to go outside and medicate in the morning, I make sure I am up an extra hour or at least thirty mins. on those days so I’m clear headed for the day. It helps to heal me and helps me be a good dad. When it comes to getting my medicine, finances are always an obstacle. I am not able to work like I used to and not many places are understanding of med. card holders. Why does Arizona State’s ACCESS program cover lousy pills but not the medicine that heps me and hundreds of other people in worse shape than I am?!

I see older people, like my grandparents, taking these terrible pills to treat their pain. I wish cannabis was legal across the board so  I could be like “try this tasty candy instead of those nasty pills”! It’s a shame that these days its a lot easier for doctors to prescribe dangerous pharmaceuticals than it is to recommend cannabis to their patients. I would want to tell someone who is interested in cannabis medicine to start by educating themselves, and with CBDs.

GSC and OG Kushes

My favorite strain to take home from High Mountian Health is GSC, when it’s available. I also really love Louis XIII and a lot of the OG Kushes do me right. They take care of my pains, ease my stomach issues and treat my depression. I have run into a few sativa strains that haven’t done me good, so I typically go after indicas and indica-hybrids.

Cannabis consultants at HMH have helped me understand medical marijuana’s benefits and helped me learn how to best treat my conditions.

I’ve learned a lot having my medical card and really like being able to ask questions when I come here. I really love you guys, everyone is so caring and knowledgeable. Thank you HMH, I appreciate you guys so much.