Patient Success Story: Zach!

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Tell me a little bit about how you were first introduced to cannabis therapy: 

I was first introduced to cannabis in late high school as a form of de-stressing. It was not until being diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, and exhausting other forms of treatment, that I looked towards CBD and THC.

In what specific ways has cannabis therapy improved your health and wellbeing? 

I can get uninterrupted sleep, which has been extremely hard since the nerve damage. I can feel as if my pain level is at a 5 or 6 instead of off the scales throughout day-to-day.

What have you learned and/or realized about cannabis therapy?

I have learned that it is a very trial and error type of therapy, but once you find what works it is like a god-send.

What would you tell someone who is skeptical about cannabis therapy?

I would tell them to take off the blinders and look around. Cancers are being cured, seizures are being controlled/stopped. This is a different world now and there are even non-psychoactive options that work for pain and other ailments.

What are some misconceptions about cannabis that you have encountered in your experience? 

When I tell some people I have a medical card they automatically assume it’s because I like to get high. I mean the mental effects are a nice bonus during the nighttime, but my pain is constant and my main form of medicating is high CBD and low THC, meaning less mental effects and more body results.

What other ways do you stay happy and healthy?

I love to listen to music and and to write rhymes and poems. I workout and medicate daily. I try to spend time with family and friends when I can. I remember that success is a journey, not a destination.

What is a specific quality that you love about yourself?

My bluntness, my heart on my shoulder, and my hugs.


Anything else you would like to include about your relationship with cannabis and/or HMH?

If it wasn’t for HMH and their KAYA Health Oils I don’t know where I’d be mentally or physically.