Patient Success Story: Buddy the Retriever!

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Tell me a little bit about how you were first introduced to cannabis therapy: 

Since turning a little older (8 years old), it has become harder for me to move around as quickly because of my silly ol' hips. I become super anxious when my mom and dad leave for work during the day. Luckily I have some kitty siblings to help the time pass by, but I still wait anxiously for my parents to get home! About a year ago we tried CBD dog treats (super yummy) to see if we could get me moving around easier and to calm me down during the day while my parents are away.

In what specific ways has cannabis therapy improved your health and wellbeing? 

I can jump on and off the bed again without any problems! Chasing my siblings around the house is my favorite way to pass time! I feel 5 years young again! My beautiful sandy coat looks shinier than ever, and my fur doesn't fall out in clumps anymore (though I still shed as every Golden boy does).

What other ways do you stay happy and healthy?

Going on adventures really gets my tail wagging! Hiking is some of the best time spent with mom and dad, so being able to relax and move around the next day after a grand venture is great for my quality of life! The occasional pit-stop at Dutch Bros for a Pup-Cup and rubs from all my friends also rocks!

Happy Fetching!

-Buddy the Retriever