Staff Spotlight: Shea

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Staff Spotlight: Shea!

NAME: Shea

NICKNAME(S): Shea butter, Fancy Flower Dazzler.

POSITIONS @ HMH: Cannabis Consultant, Receptionist, Resident Nutritionist.

FAVORITE STRAINS: Blueberry Cough and Mickey's OG...especially when combined.
FAVORITE EDIBLES: Sublime lemon tea cake!
FAVORITE CONCENTRATES: KAYA HEALTH OIL! I love that it is so versatile. I enjoy eating it and also using it as a topical when mixed with coconut oil.


So many life goals!! First and foremost I hope to inspire others to share their light and follow their passions. I hope to make a difference in the world by teaching people how to eat well and grow their own food because this is the basis for health. I also am working on starting a podcast this year (topic soon to come, most likely will be on drugs, food, etc). I hope to spread education and reduce Big Pharma prevalence in this country. I am disgusted with our society's idea healthcare (aka sickcare) because we are ruining lives with side effects from pills (as seen every day working in the cannabis industry). I love art and want to expand into different mediums this year.  I also am an aspiring model; I love serving as a canvas for artists in that way. 


I grew up in Houston, Texas where I was a dancer for about fifteen years. It is still one of my passions and I often dance randomly throughout life to keep the spirit alive. Also when I'm very stoned I'll improv. hardcore in the house! I have been blessed beyond measure to have support from family, friends, and my man throughout life. I can only hope to give back some of the good vibes that have been given to me over the years. I graduated from ASU with a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and completed my honors thesis on harm reduction concerning psychedelic usage in rave culture. Now I am currently trying to find my place in the world, but feeling hopeful for the future....


I've always been a writer and need to expand upon that part of my life...I do have a WordPress which has been fun. If you're interested in following my thoughts check out:


My knees hyperextend, so I kinda rock the Gumby look at all times.