Patient Success Story: Phyllis

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Phyllis is a ray of sunshine. We are lucky to see her about once per week, usually to pick up some CBD oil or Health Oil to deal with everyday aches and pains due to a variety of conditions.

Our patient success story features Phyllis, now a loving grandmother and cannabis patient.

She is the perfect Patient Success Story because she completely disproves the stereotype that cannabis is a dangerous gateway drug; Phyllis has been able to manage her pain while also being an active and loving grandmother to her toddler-aged grandchildren. We love hearing about grandparents embracing cannabis therapy, particularly because they grew up during a time when cannabis was villainized. She has witnessed the Reagan-era War on Drugs, intense prohibition with the help of D.A.R.E., and the eventual legalization across the U.S.

Today, we are thankful that people like Phyllis have access to safe plant medicine. Thank you for sharing your story, Phyllis!

High Mountain Health: How long have you been using cannabis medically?

Phyllis: I have been using medical cannabis since Oct. 4th 2014

HMH: Why did you decide to pursue cannabis therapy?

Phyllis: I was in a lot of pain due to many health issues from diabetes, neuropathy, and other problems. I had heard cannabis would help without side effects.

HMH: In what ways has cannabis improved your quality of life?

Phyllis: It has given me the ability to sleep better, concentrate, and less pain. It has also significantly reduced my need and quantity of insulin I need to take to maintain my blood sugar. I've also lost 65lbs since I've been taking medicinal cannabis. I no longer need a walker or motorized scooter to get around and I can play with my grand kids!!

HMH: Do you have any favorite strains or HMH products?

Phyllis: I love the RSO(Rick Simpson Oil) and the CBD Charlotte's Web the best.

HMH: What is a common misconception about cannabis?

Phyllis: That it is a "gateway drug," or that it is harmful or sinful. It's just had a very bad rap and social stereotypes. People are so afraid of what they don't know. And thankfully with today's research and knowledge we are finally knowing more about this healing God-send.

HMH: How would you like to see the cannabis industry improve?

Phyllis: [I would like to see it] made legal in ALL states! And possibly a standard prescription for those with seizures, chronic pain, eating disorders, etc. so it is given before the pharmaceuticals and fabricated pills.

HMH:  What other ways do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Phyllis: I eat better, I drink lemon juice and apple cider vinegar daily. And I babysit my 2 yr old and 3 yr old grand kids ... They keep me hoppin'!

-- Interview by Taylor Haynes


**Interview has been gently edited for grammar and length.