Staff Spotlight: Stacy!

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NAME: Stacy


POSITION @ HMH: Assistant Cultivator

FAVORITE STRAINS: Holy Grail Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Blueberry Cough. I'm a big fan of heavy Indicas as I like to call them.


FAVORITE CONCENTRATES: Kief, rosin, and live resin are my preferred types of concentrates.

GOALS, INTENTIONS, ASPIRATIONS: A daily goal of mine is to show up ready to tend to duties in the garden and strive to bring patients the best medicine possible. I believe growing high quality medicine is an art form that takes a lot of love, passion, and patience to master, that being said I can just continue to learn from everyone at HMH. I hope to gain as much experience as possible, and one day reciprocate the guidance I’ve been so fortunate to learn from.

ABOUT: I’m a Flagstaff local and was also a patient with High Mountain Health before I was lucky enough to join the team. I enjoy being physically active whether it's the gym, a hike, or run. Since becoming a patient the relief of back pain and other injuries has allowed me to do so much more than I ever thought possible. The quick way to get me talking is bring up food, I have some experience in cooking and love to share ideas.

SPECIAL SKILL: I can toss a pizza VERY efficiently, and also make it from scratch. I have some minor cooking skills that I’m constantly trying to improve upon.

FUN FACT: My parents were inspired to name me Stacy by Stacey Augmon, a college basketball player for UNLV, since they both really like basketball, and liked the name.