Staff Spotlight: Meet Santos!

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NAME: Santos David Barbosa III

NICKNAME: Sandy Pirate

POSITION @ HMH: Budtender/Receptionist


Cookies & Cream (delicious smelling terpenes), Bruce Banner (potent euphoria), Sweet Afghani Delicious (chill and relieving)!


HiBuddy Honey, Sir Newton's Gummies, Sublime Lemon Tea Cakes, Infusion Sodas, & Edipure Gummies (so yummy)!


I absolutely love rosin, particularly the Original Sour Diesel strain from KAYA. KAYA Harlequin 2:1 Shatter, KAYA sugar wax, Canamo sauces, & Item 9 Labs THCA Diamonds (absolutely spectacular)!


To develop my visual design brand, Sandy Pirate, that relays the message of creative expression through the arts, and to one day input that message into a growing arts and visual industry! Check out some of my wacky work on Instagram! @sandypirate


I am 22 and trying to find my purpose and place in this wacky world. I'm from Tucson, AZ and moved to Flagstaff to go to NAU and get my degree in film and graphic design. I am an artist attempting to start a visual design brand! I have hispanic roots that I value very much, and an amazing family who supports me in my journey. Mexican food will always be my favorite, though I can't ever pass up a good Italian dish! My music tastes are all over the place but I do love a tune that gets my mind lost in the sound, which is why I lean more towards trance and house these days. You can find me pumping something new like rock, metal, and classical. Working with cannabis is a passion of mine, particularly because I enjoy sharing common feelings and knowledge with people who are also passionate about engaging in new ways to find ways for people to have a good quality of life. It's a lot of fun and I have met some incredible people along the way that have inspired and motivated me to continue developing my skills and passions.  


I can draw quite fast and have even tripped a couple of people out with the speed at which ideas flow from my head straight to the paper! I can also put my foot behind my head, that's always fun!


I competed in a male pageant in my high school, and won 1st place which got me a little crown...I have not seen that crown since!