Patient Success Story: Peter

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Tell me a little bit about how you were first introduced to cannabis therapy: 

My Naturopath suggested cannabis therapy, along side my life long use and interest.  I use KAYA Health oils, flower and KAYA Suppositories from High Mountain Health.

In what specific ways has cannabis therapy improved your health and wellbeing? 

Cannabis oils, flower and suppositories treated my PTSD, controlled my type 2 diabetes and lowered my PSA from 4.6 to 3.4 in just two months.

What have you learned and/or realized about cannabis therapy?

Little to no side effects occur and the lasting effects are impressive.

And that the negative stigma is false, not a street drug... the medicine works!

What would you tell someone who is skeptical about cannabis therapy?

Start with small or micro doses and be patient for the effects.  Observe your body during medication. Too much...well maybe the worst is a much needed nap.  Rest never hurts anyone.

What are some misconceptions about cannabis that you have encountered in your experience? 

Used for getting high and not recognizing the added benefits of the short and long term effects of proper dosing.

What other ways do you stay happy and healthy?

I meditate, pray, practice yoga, morning hike or walk daily, lift, swim and practice a plant based lifestyle.

What is a specific quality that you love about yourself?

The ability to take care of myself, showing the results to reflect that and above all..? Sharing how to with others who struggle to do so.

Anything else you would like to include about your relationship with cannabis and/or HMH?

I have a love/need/want relationship with cannabis and feel it can benefit anyone with proper use.  High Mountain Health has been an integral part of my healing, they produce high quality products at fair prices and is most notably represented by the kindest example of human existence I know, Angela Krupica.  Angela has gone above and beyond any call to help me and she should be considered an asset to HMH to the extent of having her own line item on its balance sheet!  Earned and Deserved.  Thank you sincerely for your efforts.