Patient Success Story: Bridgit

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April’s Wellness Warrior: Bridgit L.

My name is Bridget L.  I am a fifty year old female with PTSD and Fibromyalgia. I was introduced to cannabis by some friends who told me people were using it for pain, at the time I was on sixteen pharmaceuticals a day and an opiate-derived patch. I was still in massive amounts of pain and so thought it can’t hurt–and it didn’t–it helped!

I have lost seventy pounds since I began using medical cannabis. I now only require one pharmaceutical a day. Not only did the cannabis take away my fibromyalgia pain, it also helped with the anxiety I had from the PTSD.  Before, I could not walk and breathe because I was so heavy. Now I smoke, but I can breathe. Cannabis is also helpful for getting to sleep.

The best thing about cannabis for me is it is a natural fit for my ailments it treats a barrage of symptoms with very little side effects.

There are several misconceptions about medical cannabis….

There are several misconceptions about medical cannabis. First, most of the patients are not in their twenties. More like forties and up, I think. Also we don’t use it just to get high. It helps with anxiety and it reduces inflammation from the inside out . That is an important and very overlooked fact. It also protects the brain cells.

Here is what else I have learned about cannabis:
It reduces inflammation but also very importantly, protects and helps the brain. Here are some other examples I know of: Children’s seizures, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, and using it to slow the progression of brain Disorders or diseases. I would tell anyone skeptical about cannabis, “Don’t Be”, there are many ways to use it effectively and safely.
It has also encouraged me to use more natural forms of staying healthy such as changing eating habits and now I get two types of massage–craniosacral and vaceral–and it really helps.