KAYA Lab Ethanol Shatter

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KAYA has a few awesome dab-able products. One of these is the Ethanol (EHO) Shatter. Ethanol is a solution commonly used to create cannabis oils using a simple, efficient process. EHO Shatter takes a quick wash, and then further refinement using a vacuum purge to remove any unwanted compounds. The process of EHO is often referred to as Quick Wash Ethanol (QWET).


Many patients look on the shelves for a transparent glass-like shatter that stays stable at room temperature. There are a couple of reasons that Ethanol is preferred over alcohol and butane and other hydrocarbons for their extraction solvents. Long soaks and heated alcohol extractions will also pull the chlorophyll, plant alkaloids, waxes, and vegetable oil. QWET also picks up a small amount of these compounds but fine-tuned methods help to reduce picking up excess undesirables. This is the same process that KAYA uses to start the THC distillate bucket. But that goes through further winterization and polishing.

KAYA EHO shatter stays at a cool temperature throughout the wash which helps reduce the amount of water that breaks through into the shatter. Moisture is a huge component in the consistency of a shatter. Another component is heat, also covered by the QWET process. The process also preserves the flavor of the strain since there isn’t heat applied during the wash. Even after the vacuum purge for about three days at high temperatures, KAYA EHO shatter tastes amazing.

Currently, KAYA uses High Mountain Health grown dried and cured flowers to create their shatter. They also ensure that residual solvents stay below 600 ppm. Right now, clean EHO shatter is available in multiple strains:

  • Tyson OG
  • ACDC (CBD strain!)
  • Maui
  • Blueberry Cough
  • Moby Dick
  • Skunk Candy Haze

Ethanol extraction is a newer method to the cannabis community. Even so, it seems that KAYA has fine tuned their own method to create translucent, stable Ethanol shatter.