The History of Health Oil (RSO)

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Any patient that is familiar with High Mountain Health (HMH) is familiar with the passion that we have to help heal our patients.

After hearing about the amazing way that Rick Simpson Oil treated and healed patients with chronic illnesses, the extraction team at HMH had to get in the line for KAYA. Health Oil from KAYA is a similar product to the famous Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). It is also called Phoenix Tears. Health Oil is an extraction of the whole plant which makes it ideal for patients seeking whole plant treatment. Some extractions remove the THC or CBD, some extract the terpenes. Health Oil is unique in that it uses the entire plant and is ideal for patients suffering from cancer, fibromyalgia, or chronic pain.


KAYA's Health Oil undergoes multiple tests for every batch to ensure that patients are provided with clean, full spectrum medicine to treat their symptoms. The start product and the finished extraction are both tested, this is the minimum that Health Oil is tested when produced by KAYA. The oil can be used in various ways. The dispensers are easy to use, just twist to open – no syringes and 100% child-safe. Patients like to smoke it, eat it, apply it directly to the skin as a topical, or through oral-mucosal routes. For more information on KAYA Health Oil check in with any HMH cannabis consultant. Let's take a look back to where it all started and learn about who Rick Simpson is.

Rick Simpson cured himself of metastatic skin cancer in 2003. After this amazing feat, he dedicated himself to spreading health oilthe truth about cannabis oil. Simpson has helped treat so many conditions. Cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, leukemia, Crohn's disease, depression, osteoporosis, psoriasis, insomnia, and more. Rick's method uses alcohol as a solvent. He slow soaks the whole plant material to extract the full spectrum of cannabinoids in the strain. At the most rudimentary level, this is how Rick Simpson Oil is made. It is attractive to many medical cannabis patients because it can be eaten or applied topically, it doesn't have to be inhaled.


This is one of many healing ways that KAYA is helping the Arizona cannabis community. Do you have a story to share about using this type of cannabis extraction? Let us know in the comments.