Patient Success Stories: Deborah

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Deborah treats arthritis with cannabis

At first, Deborah was skeptical about the benefits of cannabis.

She grew up during an era when cannabis was not seen as a medicine, or as having any relatively medicinal properties – instead, it was seen as a dangerous gate-way drug.

“It was just Woodstock—the hippie ‘60s,” she says about her previous attitude toward cannabis. “I had judgements about it that I didn’t even know I had.”

Despite her children encouraging her to try cannabis for her painful psoriatic arthritis, Deborah was still reluctant. While she disliked the side-effects of the prescription drugs she was using, she also felt uncomfortable smoking — the smoke was too harsh for her taste. However, when Deborah was introduced to tinctures and vaping, her mind began to change. These new found ways to ingest the medicine opened up many possibilities for Deborah, and she began to experience the true benefits of the plant.

“I use the vape pen and the tincture together,” Deborah says. “My kids are now really happy that I’m not in the same pain that I was. The fact that it works is thrilling. The pain, relaxation and insomnia has all improved.”

Beyond using cannabis, Deborah also focuses on eating healthy, hydrating, massage and meditation to maintain her quality of life.

Deborah with her service dog, Cinnabar

Deborah’s vaporizers of choice are the PAX and the KAYA cartridges sold at High Mountain Health. She is now on very low doses of prescription medication, and also describes an improved, clearer mental state. She hopes that her generation begins to see cannabis as a medicine, as it can benefit many people her age.

“My generation needs to know that [cannabis] is about healing, it’s medicinal. It isn’t just about getting high,” she says.

For her, the first thing that needs to change about the cannabis industry is the availability of reliable education. Once there is more education surrounding the plant, Deborah believes it will be seen as less of a taboo.

Deborah is one of many patients over 50 who have turned to cannabis for relief. According to an article from the Huffington Post, cannabis use among those born in the 1950s on has increased steadily during the last decade. This is yet another sign that cannabis is being adopted into the mainstream as an effective medicine and supplement.