Staff of the Month: Anne!

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Staff of the Month: Anne!

NAME: Anne
NICKNAME(S): “Profe”

FAVORITE STRAINS: Anything HMH! We have the best, thanks to our dedicated growers and trimmers. If I have a choice (and I do!), I always choose HMH strains.
FAVORITE EDIBLES: Anything that packs a punch. I especially like the YiLo 240mg Tootsies and Elixirs.
FAVORITE CONCENTRATES: Again, anything HMH! We have a huge variety of EHO, BHO, resins, and rosins. We have bubble hash and strain-specific kief, all thanks to our lab associates and managers at the grow. My favorites are rosins, hash, kief, and our new line of KAYA Mys-stix clear oil cartridges!

SPECIAL SKILL: Good listener and a quick learner!
GOALS, INTENTIONS, ASPIRATIONS: Respect, Honor, Wisdom, Loyalty, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness, and Discipline.
ABOUT: Born in Brooklyn, NY on my mother’s 23rd birthday. Grew up in Phoenix, AZ. Graduated NAU in 1979 with a B.A. in Spanish and a B.A. in French. In 1997, I received my M.A. in Education, with a bilingual-multicultural emphasis. I have taught elementary and high schools, public and private, in both rural and urban communities. I have traveled extensively in the U.S.. I have also traveled to Australia, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, and Canada. I love languages and am fluent in both French and Spanish. Currently teaching Spanish at Coconino Community College. 🙂
FUN FACT: I have been a martial artist and teacher for over forty years. I have won several national and world championships, and actively teach Kenpo Karate at my dojo, T.N.T. Karate.