Strain Pairings: What’s Your Sign?

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Many turn to their zodiac sign for guidance in life; we thought it would be fun to create a sign and cannabis strain pairing. Each pairing is based on personality traits and what we believe would most benefit people of each sign.


Aries will definitely dig Girl Scout Cookies. This 60% Indica (almost a hybrid) delivers an uplifting, somewhat calming experience. It will turn an Aries’ raging fire into a comforting, candle lit glow. Determined, ambitious Aries will probably still want a clear head, so this lighter Indica will be ideal for chillaxing — without completely being out of it. After medicating, Aries will feel refreshed and ready to return to their fast-paced lives.


Solid, grounded Taurus will appreciate the tropical relaxation and euphoria brought on by Juicy Fruit. This delicious hybrid will bring a smile to even the most stubborn Taurus, encourage giggles and leave him/her feeling delightfully relaxed and uplifted. Tauruses will have an excuse to sit back, let go, and relax — a far cry from their usual strict routine.


Geminis, while awesome individuals, can be moody and known for their duality. This is represented by the Gemini’s symbol: the twins. The twins might be balanced and evened out with a hybrid — particularly, Blue Dream. This strain creates bodily relaxation along with gentle, cerebral stimulation, perfect for a Gemini seeking some calm clarity.


Jack Herer, a popular sativa strain, will bring the best out in a Cancer. Cancers are often prone to procrastination, and this strain will help them stay focused and on task. The strain is also known for an elevating onset — think talkative, friendly, creative — and tapering off to a calming, sleepy finish. This strain is the best of both worlds for a Cancer: perfect for socializing, but also getting work done when needed.


Being a Leo can sometimes be tiring. Leos are constantly looked to for guidance and leadership — they hold a lot of responsibility! Therefore, we thought something more relaxing would be perfect for these lions. The strain of choice, Northern Lights. This strain is ideal for alleviating stress and tension, while allowing for restful sleep. Northern Lights allow for Leo’s to rest and relax…. so they can return to their usual, brilliant selves.


While Virgos are among the most loving signs in the zodiac, they are also prone to excessive worrying. We love the Virgos in our lives, and we want them to feel their best! That is why we recommend Harlequin for Virgos: a wonderful, sativa-dominant strain, with a high CBD composition. The sativa helps Virgos feel energized and awake, while the CBD combats and anxiety usually associated with these strains.


Libras, at their best, are balanced and in harmony with other and their environment. At other times, Libras can become detached and spacey, caught up in their own thoughts. This is why Libras might benefit from Caramel Ice, an indica with grounding, thoughtful qualities. Those who enjoy Caramel Ice almost always describe a positive experience and it will help remind Libras to re-center.


Ah, scorpios. At first, they seem stand-offish, and it’s true — Scorpios can be hard to get to  know. Once you crack that hard exterior, though, a scorpio is bound to be one of the best friends you can have, always ready for new adventures and deep philosophical conversations. Super Lemon Haze can bring out the best in Scorps — this sweet and lemony sativa-dominant strain will help with sociability, while also alleviating any depression or anxiety.


Sagittarius is a go-getter. Anything involving the outdoors will make a Sagittarius happy. While they might not always be the best to rely on, they will certainly know where the best trails, day trips or tucked-away swimming holes are. Outdoorsy, adventurous Sagittarius will love Island Sweet Skunk, an invigorating sativa strain. Island Sweet Skunk has a yummy fruity flavor and aroma, with energizing effects.


When  a cappy puts their mind to something, it will get done. While this sign is focused and goal-oriented, it can verge on obsessive when it comes to work. Capricorns can benefit from a strain that will keep them focused (they hate feeling cloudy), while also alleviating the stress and tension they tend to hang on to. Sour Cream, a hybrid, has these qualities and more; it will also help serious, studious caps loosen up, feeling uplifted and carefree.


Aquarians have imaginations that cannot be tamed. They are often seen deep in intellectual conversation, or day-dreaming. One thing is for certain: their minds are always active. Those with this sign should lean toward strains that bring out their best qualities — preferably sativas — to enhance colorful imaginations, but avoid sitting on the couch all day. That’s why Durban Poison is the perfect sativa strain for Aquarians. They’ll get a boost of energetic creativity to last the day.


Gentle Pisces are super sensitive to their surroundings, picking up on others’ emotions easily. This is why they might benefit from a strain that keeps their emotions stable and positive. We recommend Bubba Kush for Pisces; this strain will keep them sociable, encouraging conversation, while also being quite relaxing. Pisces will be chattering away with others and, later, get a good night’s sleep.