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Trecia C.

Trecia is 43 years old, receiving her psychology degree with a 4.0 GPA and owns a tattoo shop. She is not your stereotypical “stoner”; Trecia makes it clear that enjoying and benefiting from cannabis does not mean she embodies some of the negative connotations that often are associated with it.

“I can smoke like Cheech, Chong or Spicoli, but I am not that,” Trecia says.

Trecia has been self-medicating for a while, but received her medical card to treat fibromyalgia and various gastrointestinal issues. After undergoing multiple surgeries to treat gastroparesis, Trecia had trouble sleeping, was often in pain and had trouble eating.

“Cannabis helped me so much with recovery,” Trecia says, mentioning that Black Diamond — a heavy indica — along with any of the Blue strains (Blue Haze, Blueberry, Blue Dream, etc.) have proved to benefit her immensely.

Individuals with gastrointestinal diseases are especially responsive to medical cannabis. Cannabis can be prescribed for a number of digestive ailments and is a natural and safe alternative to many pharmaceuticals and pain killers. Many patients find relief in cannabis’ ability to reduce inflammation and stimulate appetites. Studies have also shown cannabinoids may relax painful contractions in the small intestine.

Additionally, she has recognized suppositories as being particularly effective, especially because of their closeness to her digestive system.

Using cannabis has brought Trecia closer to her mother, who is also a medical marijuana patient. The two have helped each other learn more about cannabis and find the right strains. Trecia’s stepfather, whom she says is a “conservative cattle rancher,” suggested her mother try cannabis despite some apprehension. Since then, her mother has eliminated many of the pharmaceuticals she had been prescribed.

Trecia lives a healthy lifestyle, occasionally going on hikes or geocaching.

“I also enjoy painting, drawing and coloring. My style is kind of like Jackson Pollock,” Trecia says.

We all start our cannabis journey somewhere — Trecia encourages first time patients to go slow, consume a small amount and see how it affects you. She also says to set aside preconceived judgement and approach the medicine with an open mind. There is still taboo around cannabis, but she says it shouldn’t prohibit someone from experiencing the potential benefits.

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