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It was about 6 years ago, Mother’s Day, that Kate's right leg froze up and she couldn’t walk at all. She was in a wheelchair for 5 years, unable to stand. Now, she's on the walker and walking somewhat by herself. She was first introduced to tinctures, really needing something for pain and HMH recommended them. That was 2 years ago. She was on a lot of different medications (narcotics) at the time, and in between the tincture and a surgery, she's been able to cut out many of those.

HMH: How long have you utilized medical cannabis? How has it improved your life?

Kate: Well it’s been about 2 years, since I started using the tinctures. First, I used the regular glycerin tinctures until HMH started carrying CBD tinctures, at which point I switched to those. It’s helped with my leg pain tremendously. Along with a surgery about a year and a half ago, that opened up the blood flow in my legs. One full dropper of the glycerin tincture will take my pain away in about 5 minutes, I swear. For about 3 to 4 years prior, I was “out of it” completely, because of all the other narcotics I was on. My husband, Larry, tells me I wasn’t able to function, and I don’t remember much of that. I would literally sit here and drool, I was so out of it. Between the surgery and the tincture, that kind of pulled me out of that narcotic haze I had been in for too long. Just getting me off of those medications has helped me get back into exercising and PT again. It’s made a huge difference.

Are there any strains you prefer over others?

Nothing specific yet, but most Indica strains help with the leg pain the most.

How do you feel about the cannabis industry in its current state? Where do you see it going in the future, and do you think it will continue to be effective?


I think it should be legal to anyone that wants it. It’s definitely moving in a good direction; I think within a year it will be at a good standing. It’s gotten this far already, I really do feel as though it’s only a matter of time. There are just a few more hurdles for it to cross, and then we’re in the clear. More and more people have already changed their mindset, and it will only keep expanding from here.

Anything else you would like to add?

After my first visit, I always feel very special going in to HMH; you know, I only expect to be there for about 10 minutes and that turns into closer to 45 every time due to your amazing care. Thank you!

Thank you, Kate! We always feel special too, having patients like you!

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