What Type of Cannabis Should I Choose: An Infographic

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What Cannabis Should I choose_ InfographicIf you regularly medicate with cannabis, you have probably heard the terms "Indica" and "Sativa" said more than a few times. These are two species of the cannabis plant that are most commonly ingested by users. The species of cannabis can usually predict the effects of various strains on your body and mindset. Some strains are bred from Indica and Sativa parents, resulting in a strain with the benefits of both.

Generally, Indica strains are more relaxing and Sativa strains are more uplifting, however it is important to take into consideration the cannabanoids and terpenes also present in the strain that can alter the effects of the medicine. Furthermore, your body will react to particular strains individually; some people are more prone to anxiety with using sativas, others may have a very high or low tolerance depending on your body type and endocannabanoid system.

As always, we encourage trying out different strains to find the best option for your personal ailments and desired effects. The infographic below can help determine the likely effects of particular strains.

Helpful Terms:

  • Bodily effects - physical effects after medicating. These can sometimes be extremely relaxing; you'll want to medicate in a safe and comfortable place. Other times, the effects are more energizing.
  • Cerebral effects - the psychoactive effects following medicating can range anywhere from euphoria and creativity to a sensation of calm contemplation.
  • Cannabinoids - the chemical compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis plant are called cannabinoids. The most common cannabinoid referred to is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but others like Cannabidiol (CBD) are getting more attention for their benefits. The amount of THC, CBD, or any number of other cannabinoids can change the way your body reacts to different strains.
  • Terpenes - Terpenes are naturally occuring chemical compounds responsible for giving most plants their individual smells and flavors. Terpenes also present a number of holistic uses. You can read more about terpenes here.