Staff of the Month: AJ!

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NICKNAME: AJ "The Wing Beneath my Wings" Wing
POSITION: Patient Services Advisor/Receptionist
FAVORITE STRAINS: Girl Scout Cookies, Grand Daddy Purple, Holy Grail Kush, Blueberry Cough
FAVORITE EDIBLES: Baked Bros. Dank Drank, Infusion Granola Bars
SPIRIT FRUIT: Peach - can't grow a beard, just a little peach fuzz
SPECIAL SKILL: Can call out any HMH strain by the smell alone
ABOUT: Born in Georgia but have lived in 7 different states. Been in the southwest for over half my life, and loving it! Came to Flagstaff for school and staying for the opportunities that this industry and HMH have to offer! Also, to show Kevin who's a better snowboarder. 😉