The Herbivore: All About Aphrodisiacs

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Food and other substances like cannabis have an incredible impact on our mental health, emotions and even our sexuality. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, this month's installation of The Herbivore explores cannabis and food pairings and their ability to amplify arousal. Whether you're partnered or going solo, these pairing can help set the mood and ignite the imagination. 

What is an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiacs are foods that increase libido and energy, and have been helping humankind get it on well before Viagra. In the Middle Ages, people thought visually suggestive foods such as cucumbers and oysters increased sexual desire; the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born from the ocean — thus, various seafoods are still often considered an aphrodisiac. Texts describe ancient Aztec rulers consuming chocolate before visiting harems. Love potions often included warming ingredients like cardamom, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Whether or not these various foods and love potions have a legitimate biological impact, our collective imagination has created a potent placebo nonetheless. It comes as no surprise that couples often gift each other chocolate on Valentine's Day.

Consensual with cannabis

Research supports cannabis' reputation as a sexual stimulant. A 2017 study sought to illuminate whether cannabis consumption plays a role in the user's sex drive. Researchers surveyed over 28,000 women and over 22,000 men based on their cannabis consumption and monthly, weekly and daily coital frequency. The study's conclusion described how those who were frequently ingesting cannabis had a much higher frequency of sexual intercourse when compared to those who never ingested cannabis.

It is easy to imagine cannabis assisting in the bedroom. Its calming and mood-boosting qualities can play an important role in feeling comfortable with a partner. In addition, cannabis alleviates chronic pain which might make intercourse more enjoyable. A nice, balanced strain — we are thinking a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio — can help sexual partners feel relaxed and happy, without overmedicating. It might be beneficial to micro-dose and experiment with different modes of ingestion (inhalation versus edibles versus topicals) to see what you both prefer.

Try out some of our favorite aphrodisiac and cannabis pairings

Why not combine the stimulating effects of foods with the qualities and benefits of cannabis? Try out these special combinations for a truly memorable evening.

Chocolate bonbons and Blueberry Cough - This sweet pairing helps fuel creativity for fun and imaginative lovemaking. With this combo, you might feel confident enough to try out new tactics to turn each other on. Fantasizing, fancy outfits, dirty talk, you name it — Blueberry Cough is here to give you the daring flair you need. The flavors of the two complement each other: Blueberry Cough is one of our favorite strains for its almost sugary aftertaste which is paired perfectly with a sweet dessert.

Oysters with lemon and Mickey's OG Kush - If you're looking for an energetic romp, this pairing is for you. Citrus terpene-heavy sativas like Mickey's OG Kush deliver a boost of energy and increased sensory awareness. Imagine tingly, pleasant body effects paired with a blissed-out headspace — ideal, right? And when one of the major draws to oysters is the unique sensory experience when eating them, this is a truly mindblowing match.

Chili peppers and Girl Scout Cookies - Try incorporating chili peppers into a candlelit dinner — this chili pepper puttanesca is sure to please. Chilis are known to release endorphins, increase heart rate and make us sweat. Sound familiar? That's because these are all symptoms of feeling aroused as well. By ingesting an indica-dominant hybrid strain like GSC, you'll feel relaxed and cozy, perfect for a romantic and drawn-out sesh with your S.O.

Wanting more? We also recommend KAYA's Sutra Oil. This natural lubricant is perfect for use with a partner or by yourself. A combination of coconut oil and cannabis distillate can cause increased blood flow and improved tactile sensation — all good qualities when getting down to business.

Feel free to browse our online menu to explore what strains we offer for your next romantic encounter.

Have a safe and happy Valentine's Day from HMH.