Get Ready for International Beer Day!

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Get Ready for International Beer Day!

The first Friday of August is International Beer Day, and for all those hops lovers out there it is one of the few holidays dedicated to the fermented strobilus.  With the growing medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, it might be of some beer lover’s intentions to match their favorite brew with a complimentary flower strain. Some might say that alcohol and cannabis are on two completely opposite sides of the spectrum, however, there is more in common with the two than just the shared feelings of relief, euphoria, and altered consciousness. Hops are resinous green flowers, and from what we all know here at High Mountain Health, so is the sticky icky medicine we provide. The two plants are actually cousins too, believe it or not!

In 2012 scientists confirmed that the two plants are genetically related. Both plants belong to the Cannabacea family. Further research is now indicating that there is a reason that these plants share some similar aromatic and flavorful characteristics. It just so happens that these cousins share a key part of their genetic makeup. That shared trait is known as terpenes. As you may know, terpenes are organic compounds produced by several types of plants, they are responsible for producing beneficial and medicinal flavors and aromas. Terpenes are found in both cannabis indica, cannabis sativa,  and Humulus lupulus (the scientific name for hops). The terpenes that are most common in both plants are isoprene, myrcene, and beta-pinene. Unsurprisingly, many of the commonly known cannabis strains and more widely consumed products owe their success not only to their creators but to the terpenes that help make up their composition.

Just as a connoisseur might pair table wine with certain cheeses, or even a meal, some believe that there is no difference in pairing a tasty IPA with a strain of cannabis that shares its robust flavor and aromas. The terpenes that are shared between the two plants mainly focus around citrusy, skunky, or earthy quality aromas. Sharing such intense and recognizable flavors may make it easier for an individual to pair their favorite brew with their most enjoyed flower. A good place to start honing your pairing skills would be with more descriptively named stains of cannabis. For example, the famous Green Crack would pair kindly with a nice pale lager. This is because the crisp and balanced earthiness of a pale lager accentuates the lifting lemony and sweet citrus aromas of the wildly popular sativa strain. On the other side of things, a heavy indica like our Caramel Ice or Sweet Afghani Delicious would pair well with a stout. This is a good match as nothing can go better with a stout’s malty, chocolatey, and coffee flavors than strains that have those sweet, creamy, earthy finishes.

For those looking to avoid the dreaded “spins” and or those who do not partake in medicinal cannabis but still want to pair some good flavors while enjoying a beer, Select CBD Vapes may be the perfect option. CBD has many beneficial qualities including anti-inflammatory pain relief, combating neurodegenerative disorders, anti-anxiety properties. Select CBD vapes come in a variety of flavors including, but not limited to: lavender, peppermint, and cinnamon. This opens up a whole other variety of options for those looking to mix and match their favorite flavors and aromas. As stated before- some believe that cannabis and beer are two totally separate ways of achieving a similar goal, but here at High Mountain Health, we like to recognize the things we all have in common.


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-Zachariah N. Finning