Brand Spotlight: Korova

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Korova edibles boast "unrivaled potency" on all of their packaging, and they're really not joking around  -- Korova offers a variety of edibles ranging anywhere from 150 to 1000mg. Their famous Black Bar, with 1000mg of THC, is among the strongest edibles you can buy on the market currently. The brand's founder, Joe Gerlach, sought to deliver an edible with a high enough potency to treat severe pain related to cancer or other illnesses.

Another reason we chose to include Korova in our edibles selection is the brand's affordability. Their educational pamphlet states "At approximately .08 cents per milligram of THC, our products cost less than the price-per-milligram of most competitors." So, our patients have access to one of the strongest edibles on the market without totally breaking the bank.

Chelsea, one of our awesome receptionists and cannabis consultants, explained why she chooses Korova to manage pain.

Why Korova caught my attention

Their slogan, “Unrivaled Potency”, is legit! As someone who doesn’t often find much relief in edibles, these products not only deliver, they are quite strong! Excellent for deep body pain. Korova’s motto is also quite appropriate, “You can always eat more but you can’t eat less”.

High Mountain Health's selection of KOROVA

High Mountain Health now carries three tasty Korova medical cannabis edibles! They range in price and considering the dosage options, they are actually quite reasonably priced.

Why you should try one

Try one today! My personal favorite is the Korova 5150 Bar at 500mg. To me, there was virtually no cannabis taste, nothing but smooth chocolate-y and vanilla goodness. HMH also stocks the the Korova Mint Dipped Cookie at 250mg and the Korova Saturday Morning Cookie at 150mg.

Fun fact!

Turns out Korova is Russian for cow! Also, the fictional "Korova Milk Bar" was featured in the novel and film A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. So that explains their logo: the three eyed cow clad in the top-hat!