Brand Spotlight: Dixie

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One of the most well-known, high quality cannabis brands, Dixie, can now be found at High Mountain Health. This Colorado-based company, founded in 2010, has gained attention for its high-potency CO2 extracted products, which include mints, chocolate, and elixirs. A member of our staff and long-time cannabis patient, Kevin, shared a little bit about why he loves Dixie (and why you might love it too!). Here is what he has to say about these products.

“These are one of the best drinks on the market. After trying a handful across Arizona, Colorado and California, I can safely say this is the tastiest, most evenly distributed medicated drink to date. The light carbonation adds something extra and the child-proof bottle is unique and proprietary to Dixie . The cap makes it very easy to dose in 15mL increments and there are no artificial colors or flavors. They use cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup for a healthier, more delicious product. Overall, these drinks are great to share or sip on a hot day.”

HMH offers four Elixir flavors at 200mg per bottle: Berry Lemonade, Half & Half, Fruit Punch, Cherry Limeade. $32 each.



Bath Salts
“This is my personal favorite product from Dixie. These are phenomenal for treated localized skin, muscle, or joint ailments. One of the best treatments for fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, strains, sprains, cramps, tendonitis and inflammation. Use 2-5 ounces in a warm bath soak or inhale the steam over a sink for at least 10 minutes and you will feel incredibly relaxes. The THC oil relaxes muscles while the rosemary, lavender, cedarwood and pine needle oil relax the mind and calm the senses. After a long day of hard work or stress, it is hard to beat these bath salts.”

HMH offers Dixie Bath Salts at 100mg for $22.

“CO2-extracted THC makes these 200mg chocolate bars a real heavy hitter. Dixie uses high quality cocoa, which is not only delicious but also nutritious. Cocoa has been shown to reduce blood pressure, glucose levels and cholesterol levels. The medicine is evenly distributed providing a consistent dose with each bite. These are also an affordable option for those seeking to medicate but not break the bank.”

HMH offers four Dixie chocolate bar flavors, all at 200mg: Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, Crispy Kraken and Toasted Rooster. $32 each. 

Synergy Mints
“These mints are bursting with flavor and offer an easy micro-dosing option, which has become increasingly popular. One mint offers 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD in a discreet, consistent dose. These mints are perfect for taking the edge off during the day without any intense psychoactive effects. Most mints I have tried leave a chalky aftertaste in your mouth, but Dixie has perfected this recipe – there’s no harsh aftertaste. Allow these mints to dissolve under your tongue for quicker activation.”

HMH offers the Synergy Mints at 80 mg THC and 80 mg CBD for $36.