THC Distillate Bucket from KAYA Infusions

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THC distillate

THC Distillate from KAYA Infusions gives us the clear dabs many of us have only dreamed about.

Before launching KAYA Infusions, High Mountain Health spent a lot of time perfecting their extraction processes. It takes THC distillatechemistry to create oils, waxes, and other concentrates; and the chemists behind KAYA are really starting to figure out how to scientifically manipulate this plant. Their off-site grow operation already creates some of the most beautiful flower in Arizona, and now these flowers are being used to make extractions.

The KAYA Infusions extraction line contains various types of oil in vape cartridges, rosin, and distillates. The THC distillate is first extracted using ethanol hydrocarbons in a closed loop system. That product is then run through a multiple effect distillation (MED) process which is meant to remove any impurities. This could range from residual ethanol, unwanted lipids, fats, or proteins, and of course, any impurities. It is a similar process to that which is used to desalinate water.

THC distillate

THC distillate has become more and more popular as cannabis chemists learn how to further isolate and stabilize components of the plant. Recreational dabbers have always appreciated high THC content, with the THC distillate they won’t be disappointed. Medical patients also love distillates because they’re able to identify the exact cannabinoids in their regimen. Instead of smoking dry botanicals and getting an array of cannabinoids, distillates give the power to the patient.

For those that are new to concentrates, grab a CBD tincture to pair with a THC distillate. If the effects ever become too intense, and/or anxiety starts to take hold; grab that tincture. One full dropper of a CBD-only tincture should balance the endocannabinoid system and remove any negative side effects from the dab or vapor pull.


Currently, High Mountain Health has KAYA THC Distillate bucket available in Fire OG, Grand Daddy Purple, Mixed Indica, Mixed Hybrid, and Mixed Sativa.