All You Need to Know About Concentrates

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concentrates-graphicWhat does “concentrate” even mean these days?

The word has come to define a huge group of cannabis products — including anything from wax to hash to BHO. It can easily be overwhelming when first learning about the broad range of products under the umbrella term “concentrates.” But have no fear; High Mountain Health is here to help you through the learning process.

Why choose concentrates?

Concentrates offer a potency impossible to reach with flower or edibles. Increasingly popular, concentrates can result in potency levels between 50% – 90% THC — which is a huge difference when considering flower tests in at (usually) between 8% and 25%. Let’s just say concentrates are serious business.

These products can have many benefits for individuals who are seeking the most efficient experience possible (a little goes a long way), or those who need the higher potency to knock out serious pain, nausea, tremors or other symptoms. Furthermore, when using concentrates, patients are simply utilizing a purer substance than flower — the extraction process (when done correctly) leaves behind just clean, simple cannabinoids.

Another benefit is the range of options depending on individual preference. Whether you like tinctures or dabbing, there is probably going to be a type of concentrate that suits your needs.

Endless possibilities

So, how do you decide on what concentrate to use? There are a variety of types of concentrate to choose from.


kief-transKief: This is the simplest of the concentrate family. Kief is composed of trichomes broken off the dried flower. It is made by using a screen to filter out the trichomes as they fall off the flower. High quality kief will sparkle with large trichomes and can be a flavorful addition to your flower as a bowl topper.

bubblehash-sch-transHash: A good place to start is with hash. This is one of the oldest forms of concentrate and is made by the trichome-thick, powdery resin that coats the cannabis flower. Then, this resin is pressed together to form hash. Sometimes, the resin is separated by using ice water or ethanol. This concentrate is not as potent as some other products, so it might be more suitable for someone just starting out with concentrates.

ch-tinc-half-transCannabis tinctures: Tinctures are made by extracting cannabinoids with glycerin (e.g. vegetable glycerin). Many people enjoy tinctures because using them does not require smoking or dabbing. They are often ingested sublingually (under the tongue) or mixed with water or tea. There are extremely effective tinctures on the market offering high dosages of THC and/or CBD.

kaya-healthoil-transHealth Oil (aka Rick Simpson Oil / RSO): In 2003, Rick Simpson reportedly cured his own cancer with a cannabis oil. Thus, RSO was born – a concentrated, tar-like oil made by extracting cannabinoids with alcohol. This extremely therapeutic product can be applied directly to the skin, taken orally or even through a suppository. The combination of THC and CBD present in RSO has immense health benefits. KAYA’s newly packaged Health Oil features a convenient twist method that is also child-safe.

ehoshatter-blackd6-transEthanol Hash Oil (EHO) / Butane Hash Oil (BHO): This is the most common concentrate found in dispensaries, and may be also referred to as shatter. It is made by washing butane over cannabis plant material, while under high pressure. The solution of cannabis and butane is collected, and boiled at a low temperature to eliminate any butane residue. The final product is a yellow or clear waxy or glass-like substance. Ingesting BHO requires dabbing – heating the product at a high temperature and inhaling the resulting smoke — also known as dabbing. Make sure you are purchasing and medicating with high-quality BHO only, because ingesting butane can be dangerous. Dispensaries, including High Mountain Health, have also started producing extractions made with different solvents such as ethanol (EHO), which has proven to be safer.

rosin-mickey-transRosin: One of the hottest items on the cannabis market currently, Rosin is made by applying pressure and high-heat to trim or dried plant material. This process results in an oily extract, similar to BHO or EHO, with many of the cannibanoids and terpenes present in the plant.

cartridge_group-transCannabis Oil: Vaping has become increasingly common among cannabis patients, for its ease and safety. This method of ingestion is accomplished by heating the oil with a battery and metal coil. Instead of burning the product, and therefore releasing harmful carcinogens, it vaporizes the product for a smoother, more enjoyable experience. Here at High Mountain Health, we make our own oil under the brand name KAYA. The KAYA vapes are extracted from all-natural flower, and are infused with polyethylene glycol (PEG), which is the safest substance on the market for vaporizers. We also plan on carrying high-CBD and uncut vapes.