The Best of CBD

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cbd-blog-1We love THC, but CBD (cannabidiol) needs some attention too. This increasingly popular cannabinoid has gain attention in recent years for being THC's less intense, medicinal cousin. You might have heard about CBD treating children with epilepsy, or helping chemotherapy patients with nasty side-effects. Furthermore, CBD is a natural neuroprotectant, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory with none of the psychoactive effects commonly associated with THC. As of 2015, there have been ongoing clinical trials researching the benefits of CBD.

And it's true: you don't need a medical card to purchase CBD-only products in the state of Arizona... More and more people are realizing the incredible benefits of CBD every day and it is quickly changing the conversation around medical marijuana. Below are the best CBD products you should know about.

  1. Charlotte's Web tincture - Developed in Colorado in 2011, with the intent of treating a young girl named Charlotte who experienced severe seizures associated with myoclonic epilepsy, Charlotte's Web has grown in popularity and can be found in most medical dispensaries across the country. At HMH, Charlotte's Web tinctures can be found between 200 and 1500 milligrams of cannabis. Additionally, HMH carries mint-chocolate and "original" (olive oil)-infused varieties.
  2. Hempful CBD tincture - For those of us looking to save some money, Hempful is for you. This tincture, infused with hemp-seed oil (which has several health benefits on its own), containers 400 milligrams of cannabis for $25. Patients have described Hempful as having anti-anxiety properties and an overall relaxing effect. Bonus - Hempful is certified organic.
  3. CBD for Life Rub - CBD can also be utilized as a balm, making it extra effective for treating muscle soreness and spasms. The CBD for Life Rub is made with CBD, menthol, bees wax, eucalyptus oil and more, for a delightfully cooling and soothing effect. HMH stocks a lemongrass and original blend.
  4. Viva CBD+ Oil Capsules - If you're used to taking vitamins, then the CBD oil capsules might work for you. Incorporate the supplement as part of your morning regimen to combat nausea, anxiety and for a boost to your immune system.

If you're a dedicated flower-enthusiast, there are also cannabis varieties that have an exceptionally high CBD content as well as THC. Of course, you will need a card to purchase any flower.Some patients appreciate the benefits that come with "whole-plant medicine" -- utilizing all cannabinoids for the fullest effect.

HMH grows three high-CBD strains, Cannatonic, ACDC and Harlequin. Cannatonic ranges between 6 and 17% CBD. Harlequin's CBD to THC ratio is usually found around 5:2, making it especially effective for treating anxiety. ACDC, by far one of the most popular high-CBD strains, has a robust 20:1 CBD to THC ratio. ACDC has proven to be one of the best for treating epilepsy, anxiety and the side-effects of chemotherapy.