Staff Spotlight: Meet Zach!

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Staff Spotlight: Meet Zach!


NAME: Zach


NICKNAME(S): “Sweet Lou”, “Z$”


POSITION(S)@ HMH: Reception/Sales



Critical Mass CBD (for nerve pain/anxiety)

Sweet Afghani Delicious (for insomnia)

Gaston OG (for daytime)



Aunt Ellie’s Indica Brownie Bites, Strange Brew Infusion Soda



KAYA Grand Daddy Purple Cartridges/Dab Bucket

KAYA 1:1 Health Oil

Drip Headstash #9 Batter



My goal in moving out to Flagstaff and into the HMH family was to gain entry into the medical marijuana field as I have worked customer service my whole life and am a medical patient myself. I like to help others. My intentions are to learn and grow with an amazing company for as long as I can. My goals are to remain knowledgeable and trained in dispensary operations so I may take those opportunities back to New York when me and my partner are able and ready to settle down in a few years’ time. I hope to one day self-produce my own music.




I was born in Tulsa OK but have lived in Wappingers Falls, NY my whole childhood and  adulthood. I love literature and music as well as film. I am a black sheep of the family and an “old soul” according to my grandmother. I have a small circle of friends but we are all more like a family than friends. I wouldn’t be here without them. I believe in Karma so I treat everyone with the same respect and kindness we all deserve. I hope to one day grown my own medication and to produce philosophical rap.



I can rap any Lil Wayne song before and during 2014.




I Survived a tornado in Oklahoma with my grandma. I wasn’t allowed in Canada for 7 years because of a “stupid teenage decision.”