Cannabis: Harm Reduction and Homeostasis

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One of my favorite attributes of cannabis is that it allows you to become more in tune with your body.


This is why I thoroughly enjoy stretching, meditating, and working out medicated; you are able to tap into a deeper part of yourself and truly sense what your body, mind, and spirit need at that moment.

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While nobody has ever died from a cannabis overdose, over-medicating is very real and can happen to anyone. Keeping in mind that cannabis can be used as a tool to modulate how you feel, here are a few tips I’ve found that really help ease any strange feelings you might harbor from being too stoned.




When is the last time you’ve had a glass of water today? Better yet, how much water have you had to drink in the past 24 hours? Being stoned and dehydrated is never a pleasurable combination. Always make sure that you are hydrated before, during, and after you medicate.


For me personally, I get serious anxiety if I medicate on an empty stomach. Instead of munching out on everything you can find due to starvation, try eating before you smoke. I know it sounds crazy, but it works for me every time. Don’t make the mistake of medicating while you’re starving. It’ll be way too easy to grab the Oreos from the pantry at that point (hey, you might as well even deep fry those Oreos while you’re at it!).

Here are some food tips that have really helped me stay on track. And trust me, when you eat better, you’re going to feel more benefits from your medicine:

-Make sure you have healthy snacks on hand. Cut up fruits, veggies, and keep some mixed nuts around.

-Listen to your body. No one is forcing you to eat that whole bag of potato chips. Try to re-center and direct your brain towards choices that will uplift your spirit.

-Try an original recipe. See if you can make a game out of using the fresh ingredients in your fridge to create something innovative. Who knows- you might just discover your new favorite dish!


The best way to ease any tension from overmedicating is to get up and move. I know it may seem strange, but getting into your body while you’re in your head is one of the most powerful tools available. If you don’t feel like going for a run or lifting weights, simply go outside and go for a walk. Or, my personal favorite is to have my very own dance party. You will be amazed at how full your spirit feels after getting some blood pumping to the brain and body. Stretching is a great tension-relieving option here too. Play some calming tunes and listen to how your body is telling you to move. You will discover a whole new world of self-care with this simple release exercise.


Homeostasis is everything with cannabis. If one little thing is off, then that could really turn your whole medicating process south. If we truly are a direct product of our environment, then wouldn’t it make sense to set yourself up in such a way so that your environment works with you instead of against you? When you’re starting to feel weird after

medicating, check your environment. Are you out in public where the music is just way too loud? Are you around people that are overly obnoxious? Is there an unnecessary amount of artificial light in the room? All of these things and an infinite number of other variables can heavily contribute to how you feel on cannabis. Sometimes, all it takes is to literally

remove yourself from the situation at hand and re-center in a different setting. Soothing music, fresh air, and good company can really do wonders in this kind of scenario.


Last but not least is the rest. Again, this all comes back around to listening to your body and what it needs. If you only managed to get 4 hours of sleep last night and had a long day of work, maybe all you really need at that moment is some R&R. Don’t feel bad if you really just need to crash after medicating. For me personally, if I know that I have had a super long day, I make sure to shower and get ready for bed before medicating. That way I can pass out in peace without having to stress about washing my face, etc.


These are just a few tricks of the trade that I have learned that truly help me use my medicine to its fullest potential. Whether you’re choosing to medicate or not, please always remember to always pay mind to self-care. Your body, mind, and spirit deserve the best; don’t ever settle for anything less!


By Shea Forcade