Here are 5 Reasons You Should Support Your Local Dispensary

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High Mountain Health is proud to be one of the only locally owned dispensaries in northern Arizona. Our business was founded by longtime Flagstaff residents and entrepreneurs – we’ve worked hard to maintain these roots.

This connection to northern Arizona provided the groundwork for our business to blossom into what it is today: a destination for patients across the state. We work every day to recognize and acknowledge the community that allowed us our successes. Here are a few reasons why we believe supporting locally owned cannabis companies is so important.

Support Flagstaff’s Economy and Families

Choosing High Mountain Health means choosing to support the Flagstaff economy. The money spent at our dispensary is immediately funneled back into the community: whether this means paying our dedicated employees and their families, contributing to our town’s diverse economy, or even giving back with the charities we donate to every month. This immediate payback is something that is unique to smaller, independent businesses, such as ours.

Full Transparency

High Mountain Health flower is grown right here in Flagstaff ... and we are proud of it! This is something we are absolutely proud of. Our talented team of cultivators and specialists work daily to ensure the highest quality and safety of this flower, meaning you can expect potent and effective medicine on our shelves. We choose to use natural alternatives to pesticides, such as hungry, aphid-devouring ladybugs. Furthermore, we have also developed our own cannabis extracts company, KAYA, expanding our offerings to the Flagstaff medical cannabis community.

We want you to know what is in your medicine. Therefore, High Mountain Health ensures full transparency with all of its medicinal products.

Feel Listened To

There are too many scenarios in health care when a patient doesn’t feel listened to. Our dispensary is where that ends. At High Mountain Health, we are here to offer support, guidance and advice in anything related to the medical cannabis world. We feel extremely lucky to have a wonderful patient base; we want to offer the best medical care possible to each of our guests.

Additionally, we take your concerns seriously. Even more importantly, we have the time to respond and find solutions – this is something that is increasingly hard to find across the cannabis industry. We appreciate all feedback – feel free to contact us here, or leave us a review on Facebook or Leafly. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Shopping Local Can Be Political


Just as with any industry, the mom-and-pop cannabis shop is disappearing. As cannabis is increasingly legalized across the United States, large companies and corporations often overtake smaller operations. Frankly, most of these large companies care more about making money than providing quality medicine and service to their patients. Shopping locally means you want to see the independent business thrive, you care about quality and you support an ethical and fair future of cannabis

Be More Than Just Another Number

Health care doesn't always address your individuality, specific needs and preferences. At High Mountain Health, we strive to make you feel cared for as an individual, not just another medical cannabis patient. Our dispensary offers thorough one-on-one consultation, making sure you feel confident and empowered in your own health care choices. We are happy to offer any personalized education and support you may need for a positive experience.

These are just a few reasons why supporting local businesses, in general, can make an impact. High Mountain Health wouldn’t be here without the support of our patients – so, thank you. We hope to see you soon!