Don’t Miss KAYA at the 2018 Errl Cup

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The 2018 Errl Cup is just around the corner. This annual festival is a great way to kick off the new year. Every January, the festival brings together the best dispensaries, cultivators, and extractors from around the state for some friendly competition. Festival attendees have a chance to try some of the best plant-based medicine found in Arizona. Additionally, attendees have the opportunity to learn about cannabis in Arizona and talk with some of the industry leaders. This year, KAYA Infusions is planning on making an impression. Don't miss this event on January 13, 2018. Entrance is free to all Arizona card-holding medical marijuana patients.

ERRL CUP: Some background

The Errl Cup began in 2015 and is now in its third year. The festival's creators wanted to find the cleanest, safest and best medicine across Arizona, and offer it to the state's medical cannabis patients.

After one of the festival founders, Jim Morrison, lost a sibling to multiple sclerosis, he decided patients needed an event to learn more about cannabis. The sibling had used cannabis to treat the symptoms of the condition but had a hard time finding clean and consistent medicine. This is a serious problem that Morrison did not want others to experience. Therefore, the Errl Cup was born out of a desire to simultaneously educate, entertain, and celebrate plant medicine.

An extensive process takes place before each Errl Cup event to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality for participants. The organizers of the Cup interview all the testing labs in Arizona to evaluate the machinery, skills, and staff at each testing location.

According to the event's website: "[The] Errl Cup uses cannabinoid, pesticides, mold, growth regulators, terpenes, and residual solvent testing on all its submissions."

Therefore, attendees can be confident the medicine on display is safe to ingest.

What can you expect?

The Errl Cup chooses submissions through secret shopping many of the dispensaries across Arizona. After the secret shopping is complete and the cup has made their selections, cultivators and dispensaries may make a self-entry. Each submission is blindly labeled with a secret code. While other Cups may be biased due to advertising, this Cup is based on quality alone.

Judges are chosen through an application process and through social media. Of course, each judge must have a valid medical card and I.D. Once chosen, the judge receives a sample of each entry to ingest. A secure online rating program tracks the results. The rating is between 1 and 10, 10 being the best.

Finally, on event day, attendees can bring up to one ounce of medicine to consume. Attendees will also be able to browse the submissions and different products. Beyond this, there will be food vendors, live music and more to enjoy.

Our Submission

This year's Cup is going to be more competitive than ever. With the quality and amount of products in Arizona continually improving, there will undoubtedly be several great submissions. KAYA Infusions will be participating in this year's event, submitting a few different products. These submissions include our Sweet Afghani Delicious flower, our high CBD Sol Stix, and the Gelato Mys Stix.

  • Sweet Afghani Delicious - This hard-hitting, heavy indica is one of the best on the shelf. Regularly are Tier 1, this flower is ideal for treating intense pain and insomnia. Long orange hairs and sparkly trichomes coat the dense buds. This strain is hard to miss.
  • CBD Sol Stix - Our Sol Stix is a natural winner. This vape pen is perfect for anyone who needs good daytime medicine without feeling "too medicated." CBD delivers prompt relief from pain, nausea, and anxiety, without the psychological effects of THC. Furthermore, all of our vape pens are infused with organic terpenes.
  • Gelato Mys Stix - Mys•Stix are terpene-enhanced, cannabis distillate cartridges available in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica varieties.This creates a safe and effective product, perfect for your everyday medical needs. The gelato variety offers indica effects and a smooth and creamy flavor.