Five Things to LOVE about KAYA

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KAYA delivers high-quality cannabis distillate for 2018

By now, you have probably heard of KAYA, the increasingly popular cannabis distillate. Chances are you'll soon see the iconic KAYA teardrop logo in your local dispensary.

KAYA delivers pure and safe cannabis oil across Arizona, with high tech vaporizing pens and Health Oil. Back in 2016, the team at High Mountain Health decided to develop a new cannabis oil. This decision came after listening to the concerns of our most loyal patients. Many of these people expressed concern: much of the cannabis oil currently on the market was based on potency alone, lost the characteristic flavor of a full terpene profile, and were not transparent in the extraction processes. The team at High Mountain Health and KAYA wanted to put these concerns to rest with the ideal product.

High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, Ariz., offered a starting location for KAYA. KAYA is now found across the state.

Today, 8 dispensaries across Arizona sell KAYA products. KAYA boasts three vaporizer pen options: Sol-Stix, Mys-Stix, and Rip-Stix. Furthermore, they have developed a pure and potent Health Oil (similar to a Rick Simpson Oil) as well as Dab Buckets, which are a pure extraction ideal for dabbing. Last summer, KAYA delved into the world of edibles with the release of the Happy Bar Bites.

As the company grows, we thought we would explore 5 top reasons why we love KAYA. Why do you love your KAYA?


KAYA is safe

Of course, safety is a priority for KAYA. When developing products for medicinal use, safety should absolutely be necessary. In the world of vaporizing, this means using the high-quality cannabis and the best extraction method possible. KAYA uses indoor-grown, all-natural cannabis to create the oil. Furthermore, KAYA chooses ethanol as the extraction agent. Ethanol has been shown to be safer and leave behind virtually no residuals. Following this extraction, the oil goes through a single-solvent winterization process. At the end, the consumer is left with a pure and safe cannabis oil.

KAYA is effective

Dab buckets, Health Oil, Mys Stix and Happy Bar Bites are a few popular products from KAYA.

Efficacy is also an important consideration when developing a cannabis oil. Yes, the oil might be extracted perfectly, but does it get the job done? KAYA boasts some of the highest potency numbers in Arizona. KAYA Health Oil contains 800 mg of active cannabinoids. Therefore, this product requires a very small dosage to treat ailments. Mys Stix and Rip Stix also contain a considerable amount of THC to ensure effects are strong and near-immediate.

KAYA is efficient 

Through top-of-the-line battery technology, KAYA is able to create a vaporizer pen that will be your go-to option for medicating quickly and discreetly. KAYA's vape pens utilize advanced C Cell technology and sleek, powerful Jupiter batteries to ensure each hit is smooth and even. In addition, ethanol does not release any hydrocarbons during the extraction process AND is fully reusable. These pens are perfect for your busy day and for the environment.

KAYA is full spectrum

Those at KAYA believe in the powerful synergistic benefits of the cannabis plant. Many of the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, including terpenes and various cannabinoids, work in conjunction to elevate the effects of the medicine. That's why they wanted to design a product that utilizes many of the natural aspects of cannabis in their products.  The Mys Stix—which are also fantastically affordable—incorporate natural terpenes to elicit the flavors of cannabis. These terpenes also have benefits and you can read more about them here.

KAYA is convenient

No one wants to have to carry around a bulky vaporizer—especially if you're a busy person. KAYA has created vaporizing pens that are small enough to toss in a purse or backpack. Additionally, these vaporizers don't have an odor, meaning you won't be smelling like you just medicated all day long. We also love the Happy Bar Bites as a healthy edible option—perfect for someone who needs powerful medicine but also cares about good ingredients. Finally, say goodbye to sticky, overflowing health oil. KAYA Health Oil comes in a convenient twist dispenser making dosing easier than ever.