Medicating on a Budget

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Not all of us have $80 to spend on a trip to the dispensary

How to get the best bang for your buck at the dispensary when you're on a budget.

We totally get it: the rent and bills are paid, you have a full gas tank and the fridge is fully stocked. Now, with a relaxing evening in mind, you just need some medicine. Stopping by the dispensary, you realize you're running low on spending money. After bills and daily expenses are accounted for, having extra cash for cannabis can be difficult.

Cannabis isn't cheap. In fact, getting your Arizona medical card alone can set you back at least $150. That initial cost doesn't include buying the actual equipment to medicate, such as glassware or a vaporizer. Then comes the cost of the flower itself. Furthermore, depending on where you live and what flower is available, this can also be prohibitively expensive. While statistics show cannabis prices are lower than on the East Coast, (averaging at around $253 per ounce), this is still not cheap.

This shouldn't prevent anyone from getting the relief they need—at High Mountain Health, we realize that not everyone has tons of money to spend on cannabis. That's why we make it as easy as possible for everyone—on all budgets—to have access to medicine. Here are some of our top tips on how to make your money go a little farther at the dispensary.

$10 grams for days

Don't knock it until you've tried it. While some might assume the $10 gram is low quality to match the low cost, this isn't always the case. Yeah, occasionally it might not be the best flower on the menu, but we would be happy to let you know some of the benefits this particular flower offers. Other days, the $10 gram might be surprising.

Get to know the daily specials

This is the best way to explore the different options HMH offers. Every day of the week, we have a new special. You can learn more about the daily specials on the HMH home

page, or pick up a pamphlet about them in our dispensary lobby. Also, you'll find some days are perfect for you: if you love edibles, stop by on Mondays and get extra points for buying edibles. If you're a hardcore concentrates fan, swing by on Saturday for some discounted concentrates.

Talk to your budtender

It's okay to let your budtender know that you don't have a ton of money to spend. This will actually help them recommend effective products in your price range. They know what products offer better benefits at a low cost and they'll be happy to share that knowledge.

Invest in good equipment 

Have you ever ingested cannabis with a cheap pipe? As the flower was burned to a crisp, you most likely ingested more smoke than cannabinoids. Crappy pipes end up wasting flower, your money and aren't great for your body. Unless you have a thing for inhaling smoke and soot, invest in a vaporizer. In the long run, your lungs and your wallet will thank you!

This also goes for pre-rolls. We're not trying to hate on pre-rolls here—we recognize their efficiency and benefits as well—but it might save you money to save them for the weekend. Oftentimes, there's a cheaper option than buying a pre-roll!

Additionally, you can also ensure the freshness of your purchased flower with a good quality glass jar. Cannabis potency lowers with exposure to oxygen, so keep your cannabis in tip-top shape!

We hope this helps you save a few dollars on your next visit to HMH!