A Guide to the Global Cannabis Scene

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You’re biking next to the canal, as boats lazily float by. Music drifts from apartment windows and Dutch can be heard drifting from the cafe tables along the sidewalk. It’s a nearly perfect afternoon to stop into your favorite coffee shop to enjoy a latte and a joint. After purchasing, you find a cozy window seat to enjoy your joint and beverage. The sweet, woody scent of cannabis smoke fills the room and you’re left feeling completely relaxed. Time to go find a snack, maybe some stroopwafel?

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

And for many, this is a reality in the cannabis destination of Europe, Amsterdam. Known for its rich cultural history, incredible art museums (Van Gogh! Rembrandt!), picturesque canals, and, yes, a multitude of legal cannabis coffee shops, Amsterdam is an unforgettable destination. Anyone over the age of 18 is legally allowed to purchase cannabis in these “coffee shops” and buyers do not have to prove that they’re from the Netherlands. While Amsterdam is at the top of many people’s bucket lists — whether that is for the cannabis or not — there are plenty of places across the globe where cannabis is legal (or decriminalized) to explore. Of course, we recommend doing thorough research before buying a plane ticket or renewing passports, but here is a guide to some of the “greenest” cities across the world. A quick note: Selling cannabis is by-and-large ILLEGAL across the world. Don’t risk jail time and/or hefty fines.

1.  You guessed it: Jamaica. The Carribean island has long been associated with cannabis but, contrary to popular belief, it was only recently legalized for adult use. This country’s historical association with cannabis is most likely due to the country’s Rastafarian community, which partakes in the herb for religious purposes. After seeing the success and profit legalization has brought to places like Colorado and California, Jamaican lawmakers also decided to cash in on the country’s reputation. They hope to develop some sort of “wellness tourism” in the coming years to attract travelers.

2. Oh, Canada. With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (who has admitted to smoking cannabis while a member of Parliament), unbeatable natural sights to see, and extremely liberal cannabis laws, our northern neighbor is definitely at the top of our travel lists. They have had medical cannabis laws since 2001, but the current leadership is working to fully legalize cannabis across the country. There has also been some discussion about opening Amsterdam-style coffee shops. Sounds good to us!

3. Czech it out — the Czech Republic has legalized medical marijuana for personal use. Growing and selling cannabis is still illegal, but individuals are allowed to carry up to 15 grams of cannabis with them to consume in private. Prague is also a great city for tourists – it’s walkable, the locals are super friendly and the sights are breathtaking. We recommend a leisurely, medicated walk along the Vltava River to admire the view and multiple bridges spanning the water.

4. Spain is also an incredible destination for the food, festivals and vibrant culture. In this country, cannabis is decriminalized for personal use and possession. There are about 500 cannabis “clubs” spanning the country which operate in a legal gray zone, but undoubtedly remain a destination for tourists. The autonomous government of Catalonia has also legalized cannabis for medical use, particularly for individuals with severe conditions such as cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Before embarking on your cannabis adventure, make sure to dedicate time and research to ensure you’re going to have a fun and, most importantly, safe time. It’s best to travel with those you trust! Cannabis can change perspectives, heighten experiences and provide relief that we continue to need while traveling abroad.

Do you have a favorite destination for cannabis? Did we miss your favorite cannabis friendly vacation spot? Let us know!