Music and Medicating

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Cannabis offers incredible pain relief, relaxation, and sometimes (perceived) heightened sensory effects. With some strains, particularly those with high THC content, food seems to taste better, colors seem brighter and our ears become tuned to the slightest intricacies of music. For many, this oratory difference is sometimes the most noticeable: that album that used to drift into the background now takes on new meaning. The instrumentation now seems unbelievably complex and the lyrics are suddenly addressing you personally.

Cannabis and music have long been paired together, but the science behind this seemingly natural partnership is murky. There really isn't any definitive answer as to why cannabis seems to elevate music (and vice versa). According to Dr. Jörg Fachner, in an interview with Vice,  "[Marijuana] works like a psycho-acoustic enhancer. That means you are more able to absorb, to focus on something, and to have a bit of a broader spectrum. It doesn't change the music; it doesn't change the ear functioning. Obviously, it changes the way we perceive ear space in music. It also changes time perception, and if you listen to music, it is a time process, so if you have a different time perception, of course, you will listen differently to music."

Even more notable is cannabis' ability to help an individual exist in the moment: As stress, pain, and inhibitions slip away, an individual will most find more enjoyment in the act of listening to music while medicated. To honor the divine partnership of cannabis and music, we have compiled a playlist to pair with medicating. It's mostly oldies, but we are excited to make another mix for your listening enjoyment. So, pick up your favorite strain from High Mountain Health, lean back and savor the experience. Escape with some music for a moment.