Staff of the Month: Chris!

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Staff of the Month: Chris!

NAME: Chris

NICKNAME(S): Topher, Bushy Poo, Hey You Get Over Here

POSITION: Jack of Most Trades; Repair Man Extraordinaire

FAVORITE STRAINS: Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack, and Blueberry Cough

FAVORITE EDIBLES: Brownies and any junk food edible. I don't want any of that healthy seed stuff.

FAVORITE CONCENTRATES: Bubble Hash and anything KAYA

GOALS, INTENTIONS, ASPIRATIONS: Keep the grow facilities cleaned, sealed and running smoothly... and fix anything that needs fixing!

ABOUT: I've always been fascinated with taking something that's broken and making it work better then it worked before it was broken. That’s what I've done most of my life.

FUN FACT: My favorite hairdo is the Trihawk Manbun. After this hairdo, I recommend my secret hair treatment – a vinegar wash with a PBR conditioning rinse. Also, I often wonder how come there’s never been a woman on the moon!?!