Staff of the Month: Taylor H!

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Staff of the Month: Taylor H!

NAME: Taylor H.
NICKNAME(S): THC Scholar, Grams
POSITION: Front reception & social media coordinator

FAVORITE CBD PRODUCT: I loooove my Hempful 400mg CBD tincture. I use it for anxiety – it is effective and affordable.

SPECIAL SKILL: Really fast typer, making guacamole, eating guacamole, nurturing my children (aka houseplants), riding my bike without hands, tripping on flat surfaces, answering phone calls after only ringing once, coloring in the lines, dancing awkwardly, accidentally drinking too much caffeine, sleeping for 12 hours, identifying cheeses.
GOALS, INTENTIONS, ASPIRATIONS: Be able to sing the alphabet backwards in under a minute, identify the best wine to go with cheese, tell the time of day by the position of the sun, graduate college or whatever, not die before 23.
ABOUT: I'm just a lil' 20-something trying to make it in the big bad world.
FUN FACT: Double-jointed elbows (creepy), freelance for FlagLive, Culture editor for the Lumberjack, blog/Instagram for High Mountain Health.