Patient Success Story: Alison

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I used to get debilitating tension headaches, an episode would last weeks and the insomnia was unbearable.

These weren't the "take an Advil and lie down" kinda headaches. They controlled my life. They would come at 2 am, then 4 am and 6 am. Sometimes lying down made them worse. I found that controlling my stress level with flower use was a great preventative tool, however, edibles could attack the muscular pain and provide me with some real relief.

You can really zero in on a strain to get the relief you’re looking for that day.

Somedays I get overloaded with stress and my KAYA pen can really take that edge off. Other days I need help sleeping or could use some extra energy. There’s a huge difference between a sleepy Indica or an energizing Sativa. While cancer patients need help eating, I do not. I’ve learned which strains give you more munchies than others as well.

Not everyone who uses cannabis is a “Stoner” stereotype: I see business professionals, athletes, government workers and retirees at High Mountain Health.

I’ll never forget the older lady who was telling me how pissed she was at her Doctor’s for all of the pills that they were giving her when all she needed was a tiny square of THC chocolate for her arthritis. She was visibly angry at the medical establishment and so happy for the natural relief she could now get in a downright tasty form.

Not all medical professionals agree about cannabis use.

I had to change my Physician's office. She did not care that I no longer needed to inject dangerous prescriptions or use oxygen nightly, she would have preferred I use injectable headache medicine that makes you feel like you’re dying rather than eat a cookie.

When I fell down and fractured my elbow, that Doctor appreciated my cannabis sensibilities. He thought a cookie and pre-roll was much better for me than synthetic heroin. He actually smiled when I worded it that way.

Stand up for yourself but be ready to make changes for your health and well being.

Cannabis has zero calories and the new fitness me loves to remind people of that! I recently got into weight lifting and I LOVE it. When I got bad headaches all of the time I was scared to lift things; scared of anything that could trigger a headache. Now that I'm not suffering anymore I am able to get strong and that’s the best feeling of all. Oh, and have you been on a boat at Lake Powell? That’s pure happiness there. When I feel healthy, I can't help but spread cheer. I like to smile and laugh and I find those things can be quite contagious. I generally brighten up any room, when I'm not in pain.

I have been to Colorado and Nevada and no one’s flower comes close to the quality of High Mountain Health.

The taste is the best, hands down. The employees all love their job and they love to help people; it’s obvious. When you walk in to High Mountain Health, they really do love you.