‘Tis the Season To Give Back

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Since we began operation, we have donated over $83,000 to charity. From the beginning, an enormous part of our business' identity is being an active member of our local community. This means giving back to the people that made our company possible in the first place.


Why do we give?

Companies like ours — and more specifically dispensaries — represent a special role in the direction of society. After years of prohibition, cannabis dispensaries are finally able to offer a refuge for folks seeking medicinal, plant-based health options. We are proud to offer this to Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients. While we have experienced benefits from favorable legislation allowing us to operate, we carry a social responsibility to continue helping everyone in our community, from the youngest children to seniors, live fulfilling, happy, and comfortable lives. Our company offers a powerful medicine for a whole spectrum of people, but we also want to support what other creative & ambitious organizations are doing. For us, it doesn't end when we lock our doors at night.

Yes, we wonder what our dispensary can do for the community, but even more importantly we ask: "What can our community accomplish collectively?"

How do we give?

Every month, we donate $1000 to a charity. This is decided through an inventively democratic process we want to celebrate. When a patient purchases medicine from our store, we offer a unique opportunity for them to decide exactly which charity this $1000 will go to for that month. This vote is cast with a poker chip; at the end of the night, we open the boxes and count the poker chips, tallying up each total. At the conclusion of the month, we'll be able to see which charity has received the most votes from our esteemed guests —then, we donate.

It is imperative for us to know what charity our community members most directly benefit from. It is often a difficult choice, as there are countless amazing organizations that we want to support each month. But through this voting process, we are able to prioritize which one our patients believe deserve this donation. Then, in the next month, another charity will have an opportunity to win.

Who Do We Donate To?

We support a variety of organizations.

In the past, we have donated to humanitarian causes, such as: 

- Flagstaff Family Food Center
- Poore Medical Clinic
- Habitat for Humanity

We have also seen our patients vote for organizations supporting animal welfare: 

- High Country Puppy Rescue
- Paw Placement of Northern Arizona
- Humane Society of Tuba City

Education is something everyone wants to support: 

- Flagstaff Festival of Science
- Flagstaff Cooperative Preschool
- The Literacy Center

Environmental non-profits and organizations have also been popular:

- The Arboretum
- The Diablo Trust
- Springs Stewardship Institute

You can explore what other charities we have supported on our website. Furthermore, you can fill out this form to submit a charity that you think deserves $1000. We would love to hear from you soon.