Manners Matter: A Guide to Dispensary Etiquette

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Going to a dispensary for the first time can make you feel excited, exhilarated, nervous and unsure.

Today, cannabis provides medical relief for countless patients across the U.S. — an incredible shift after years of prohibition. The medical dispensary represents a special place where something that was once taboo is now accepted & normalized. It’s almost out of a 420-friendly dream; jars stuffed with fresh flower nugs, infused snacks line the counters, and you’re able to legally buy any of it. But before you go wild, we recommend reviewing a few dispensary guidelines; entering a cannabis dispensary,  just as any medical facility, requires a certain etiquette.

But don’t stress, here’s our comprehensive guide to the do’s and don’t’s of your dispensary visit, whether this is your first time or if you’re a regular.
  1. Look with your eyes

    One of the first no-nos in a dispensary is touching the flower. Yeah, we totally get the nugs look dank and you want to get up close and personal. But please refrain from picking up the flower — it is medicine, after all. Cleanliness is a priority at any dispensary to protect everyone. A good rule of thumb is to follow the budtender’s lead: if they offer you a magnifying glass, feel free to take a gander at some sparkly trichomes. Also, aroma is a reliable indicator of quality –make sure to take a whiff.

  2. Stay off your phone while on the dispensary floor

    This should apply to any place where you’re being served. Budtenders are there to help you choose the most appropriate medicine, not to listen to your personal phone conversation. Finish up any phone calls before going to the dispensary — that way you’re able to give the task at hand your full attention. This is also for security and privacy reasons.

  3. Mind your own

    You’re at the dispensary for a specific reason and so is everyone else. No one likes someone butting into their private conversation and the conversations happening at a dispensary may be particularly sensitive. Allow your neighboring cannabis patient the privacy they need. So, even though you may really want to recommend the Super Lemon Haze because you had a great experience with it, they might need a different strain. Save your recommendations for when you’re hanging out with friends and family.

  4. Have your ID and/or Medical Card ready

    All patients have to show some form of identification and if you’re hoping to purchase products with THC, you’ll need an Arizona Medical Marijuana card. All ID cards must be unexpired.

  5. Just be nice

    In all interactions, treat folks with the respect you hope to have in return. This goes for the simpler things, like not cutting in line and being nice to your budtender. Furthermore, it means not getting stressed when something is out of stock or the wait is longer than you expected — of course, these things are out of anyone’s control. There are probably more people that are feeling frustrated. More nice people make the world a better place.

We want everyone to have a positive experience at the dispensary. Taking these tips to heart make getting medicine better and easier for everyone! We hope to see you soon.  #hmhlovesyou