Showing Some Love this Valentine’s Day, the HMH Way!

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How to Have a Cannabis-friendly Holiday for Two (Or For Yourself!)

Valentine’s Day marks one of the best days of the year to show some love—whether this is to a partner or for yourself. We support it… the more love the better! What are you doing this year to celebrate? If you’re at a loss, here are a few ideas to pamper your sweetheart. If you’re going solo, we also included some great ways to show some self-love.

Stock up on some good medicine with KAYA

In honor of this romantic time of year, KAYA will be offering an exclusive buy one get one FREE on all of their cannabis oil cartridges at High Mountain Health. That way, you can enjoy their premium cannabis products with a special someone or you can stock up for yourself. Either way, this is a special you won’t want to miss. KAYA utilizes high-quality, naturally grown cannabis to produce a potent oil. They currently offer three varieties of cartridges: Mystix, Ripstix, and Solstix. The Mystix are infused with terpenes for a more flavorful experience, while the Rip Stix are 100% pure cannabis oil. Solstix is a wonderful option for anyone seeking a high CBD product. Make sure to stop by, and you will also have a chance to take home some free KAYA merch. You won’t want to miss it, and we guarantee the cartridges are even better than a box of chocolates.

Cannabis and massage are an ideal pair

Of course, medicating with your favorite strain is already relaxing enough. Now, imagine combining it with massage — sounds dreamy, right? Swap out a conventional massage oil or cream for a cannabis-infused one, and you won’t regret it. Even professional massage therapists are doing it! We recommend picking up some of our Chronic Health infused balm from High Mountain Health to use as a massage aid. This product comes in both high THC and a high CBD blends. Using this ointment can relieve tension and/or pain. Furthermore, a massage can be the perfect way to end a relaxing evening with your partner.

Cook up a cannabis-infused meal

One of the best things about cannabis is how versatile it is. Yes, you can smoke it or infuse it in a lotion, but you can also cook with it. An easy way to incorporate your medicine into a meal is starting with a tincture — preferably unflavored to mix in with sauces, dressings, or to add right on top. Take your Valentine’s Day dinner to a higher level with a cannabis-centric menu. Of course, we recommend dosing properly to not get too medicated, but this can be a great way to show off your culinary aptitude or even just experiment with some recipes yourself. Here are a few of our holiday appropriate options: Triple Chocolate Brownies (topped with raspberries and whipped cream… UM, YES), Infused Chocolate-dipped Strawberries (one of the sexiest desserts of all time), Cannabis cocktails (the opportunities are endless), or even a gluten-y, cheese-y pasta, like this one.

Go on a hike (don’t forget to invite your hiking buddy)

Northern Arizona is known for its good weather and vast natural landscapes — there truly is no better way to enjoy it than to get out in nature whenever you can. Going for a brisk walk or a hike is good for your health — it gets your heart rate going and even releases some endorphins. You could even try the ancient Japanese practice of shinrin-roku or, in English, forest bathing. Studies have shown that this form of meditation helps lower stress, adrenaline and blood pressure. We recommend ingesting your favorite hybrid or sativa strain (you’ll need some energy), and hitting the trail. Of course, remember to bring plenty of water and a map!