Patient Success Story: Lulu

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Cannabidiol, a chemical structure found in the cannabis plant and commonly known as CBD, has helped countless patients. Many are drawn to the medicine for its ability to alleviate the symptoms of many conditions, without the psychoactive effect of THC. Those utilizing CBD may find relief from pain, seizures, tremors and it has even been considered as an effective anti-anxiety aid. Lulu has an amazing success story and has inspired many.

First, let me say that I was a skeptic. Actually, I had strong opinions about the idea of medical marijuana; they were from neutral (in some circumstances) to flat-out negative. I had no direct experience, but lots of opinions.
Medical marijuana was first strongly suggested to me by my Intern in early 2000. I had already been diagnosed with a number of rare, chronic, incurable and degenerative, painful conditions. However, I associated marijuana with getting high and I did not want that. I have been sober for many years and wanted nothing to do with anything that may risk my sobriety. I knew that given the circumstances, I needed to follow doctor's explicit directions with pharmaceutical medications, but I felt plant medicine was "bad" and that I would be bad for even considering it.
I also had a paradoxical response to THC when I tried it when I was quite young - it caused immediate nausea, dizziness, and extreme anxiety.
I was unaware of two things:
  1. CBD itself is non-psychoactive. And, it is what brings the "high" down, not up, in marijuana.
  2. The ratio of CBD to THC products in dispensaries are carefully controlled and grown for various symptom relief and purposes and in various ratios.
I was stunned by the evidence of what CBD does in the brain and body that helps promote the activation of natural pain killers and I was floored by my own ignorance and judgment about plant medicine. I also learned it was possible to have very small amounts of THC that would not make the medicine psychoactive, but would activate the pain blockers for nerve and deep skeletal pain that were not available without it.
I was also surprised that although each physician had agreed about the positive potential effects of CBD, when I began on this journey a year ago, they admitted no knowledge of dosing or types or where to find it. I later learned none would touch anything associated with marijuana (one sells hemp CBD now).
I began to try locally or online purchased hemp CBD products and found the strength and quality of them to be very inconsistent. Even same brand. Not regulated. And it did not address the deep bone pain. So, I decided to get a medical marijuana card and purchase marijuana-derived pure CBD products (also not psychoactive) where they are regulated so I would have a better chance of knowing exactly what was getting.
I later discovered a flower at HMH that was a game changer: AC/DC, which is 27(parts)CBD/1THC.
I went for my examination for a medical marijuana card embarrassed and frightened. As a senior who last smoked a joint in 1977 and hated it, I expected a waiting room filled with twenty-something stoners. Talk about judgment! What I found was a waiting room filled with people who looked like me: like retired professionals with obvious health issues. I was shocked and relieved.
I was equally nervous walking into to High Mountain Health, but the staff was and is exceptional in every way: enthusiastic receptionists, knowledgeable and helpful bud tenders, an amazing manager, excellent, consistent products. Every aspect helped me to feel more comfortable. We drive almost 4 hours to purchase from HMH because of that.
Most importantly, I discovered you have AC/DC flower, which is 27 CBD/1 THC. From my research, that's 400 times below the psychoactive threshold OF 8/1 (some studies I read said 4/1). A small amount takes the edge off the pain for 6-8 hours most days. Often now, I use it only once. Medicinal. No spaciness. Clear mind. No high. Non-psychoactive, but more effective than pain medication. I was blown away.

No other dispensary I contacted had anything below 2 CBD/1 THC - which is above the psychoactive level. I have been thrilled with the AC/DC and I understand HMH is one of only two dispensaries in Arizona who carry it.

Getting off those meds was difficult, to say the least, but it would have been horrid without AC/DC. I was on high doses of both. I use AC/DC during the day, three puffs, up to three times.
One symptom I experience is chronic insomnia, which activates and amplifies pain and flares every other symptom. I slept only 3-4 hours a night for almost a year. It was awful. I did not want to take sleeping meds for many reasons. I had tried every non-medication alternative method available,  including a new bed.One rice-grain sized drop of Kaya Indica Health Oil on a cracker right after I crawl into bed to read and I'm out within the hour. I simply can't believe the changes: not only am I sleeping 6-8 hours, but it is restorative sleep. I do not awaken in shocking pain in the middle of the night. I awaken feeling refreshed. That hasn't happened in years.
Being skeptical is a wonderful thing! It requires one to take responsibility for educating oneself and arriving at an informed decision. But you deserve to investigate. Read about the medicinal effects of CBD - at there are many types in every marijuana and hemp plant - and especially, the necessity of having at least fractional amounts of THC in order to activate the relief of deep skeletal and nerve pain. There are also so many varieties if one wants or is good with higher levels of THC.
I would tell anyone that although pharmaceutical pain medications are MUCH cheaper with good insurance, and I am fortunate to have that, they steal one's life and mind away. How much is that worth to you?
To anyone in recovery from addiction, a dispensary can be a dangerous place...investigate and speak to someone who has walked the path before you, and has experience about how to stay clean with plant medicines that do not threaten that beautiful state of clarity. Don't try to do it alone. Find someone who understands what you are going through and how to walk through it sober. There is so much misunderstanding AND there is help. Only shame, fear and ignorance keep those with major health issues prisoners of Big Pharma.
 I know now that today, these plants are grown to meet the varied needs and requirements of patients. Marijuana and its derivatives are nothing like they were years ago. There is nothing to fear and many who can help and, always investigate what you are buying!! Our health and our clear mind belong to us an nobody else can take it away unless we say so.