Cannabis Connoisseurs Get Cozy For Autumn

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Welcome to the best season in Flagstaff, Ariz.: autumn! Our little town celebrates the changing of the season with a dramatic display of fall colors, thanks to our high elevation and aspen groves dotting our community. There really isn't quite like spending a day with a loved one, enjoying a warm drink and marveling at nature's masterpiece. Here is High Mountain Health's guide to making the most of the fall in Flagstaff. Of course, make sure to medicate safely -- don't drive while medicated. Have a trustworthy friend drive you, and you get an adventure buddy!

  1. Get Outside:  This should be a given! Flagstaff is pretty much known for its mix of outdoor activities, ranging from hiking and biking, to rock climbing and enjoying the multiple parks throughout the area. As the temperatures drop, hiking with a light sweater can be very pleasant. Buffalo Park offers amazing high-elevation views and a multitude of trails to explore. The Arboretum is a wonderful place to enjoy many native plants, changing aspen leaves and a brisk walk. Flagstaff is also surrounded by the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in North America -- take advantage of it!Recommended Strain: Bruce Banner 
    This Sativa elicits uplifting, euphoric effects. You'll be energized for a day of exploration. This strain also will alleviate any stress, fatigue and help with depression. Let its delicious citrus flavor carry you through a blissful day.


  2. Movie Marathon:  For those of us who would prefer to stay indoors, nothing quite welcomes in the *best* holiday (Halloween) of the year better than a scary movie marathon. We recommend checking out some of the newest gems: It (2017), a new, hallucinatory, terrifying film version of Stephen King's 1986 novel; Mother (2017), Darren Afronsky's latest masterpiece centering on Jennifer Lawrence's role as a wife whose home is invaded by unwanted guests; and Get Out (2017), out earlier this year and directorial debut from Jordan Peele. Classics are always a good choice as well -- hello Night of the Living Dead, Scream (yes, the entire franchise) and The Shining.Recommended Strain: Mountain Glue
    Relaxing, euphoric and delicious -- Mountain Glue has it all. This hybrid is perfect for a chill day in with friends or a cuddle buddy. Just make sure to have some snack on hand for your horror movie marathon - hybrids are known for increasing appetite!


  3. Bake (in more ways than one):  One of the joys of autumn is the snacks that come along with it. Welcome in some of the best flavors of the year: cinnamon, nutmeg, hazelnuts, and PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! If you're feeling a bit crafty, there are a number of recipes to try for when the air is a bit chilly. Even better, incorporate cannabis into the recipes for a delicious and medicated autumnal snack. We recommend trying out this decadent caramel coffee recipe for the caffeine and cannabis benefits, this hearty and delicious infused nut butter and this incredible spicy-sweet-savory infused pumpkin pie (yes please). Happy baking!Recommended Strain: Original Sour Diesel
    We love this strain for its motivating and energetic effects. This strain will give you a boost of energy and creativity to try out the recipes above, or to come up with your own! Special tip: HMH shake (a blend of leaves, trichomes and other material that falls of the flower during the week) is the perfect consistency for baking! Make sure to pick some shake up on Mondays 😉