Smoking or Vaping? Our Take on Two Popular Methods of Ingestion

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Both smoking and vaping cannabis are popular methods of consumption. Both methods deliver quick, potent effects, requires little equipment and know-how, and are relatively easy to dose. There are those of us who will always love the ritual of grinding flower, filling our bowl full, gently lighting the medicine and slowly inhaling. For some, there's a special experience gained from smoking: a moment dedicated purely to our own wellbeing, a moment of reprieve. There is something quite sentimental about the experience. As technology has progressed, however, vaping has become increasingly popular for its convenience and discreet nature. Vaping provides many of the same benefits as smoking, but with much less time and effort dedicated to reaping these benefits. Here, we will explore some of the differences and similarities between the two methods.


This aspect is where vaping rules supreme. Many vaporizers are rather small and perfect for stowing away in your purse or bag. Many are sturdier than our glass pipes, making them ideal for quick medicating on the go. Furthermore, vaporizers produce less smoke and smell, which is absolutely upping that discreet medicating game. If you're not a fan of smelling like our favorite herb all the time, this can be a fantastic option to still partake but not share that detail with everyone around you. Again, some people love the aroma and are quite open about it!


If you're going to buy a vaporizer, quality definitely comes with a higher price. For those of us on a budget, this might be a bit of a stretch. Many range between $150 - $300. However, if you're able to swing the initial costs, this will be a wonderful investment and probably save you more money in the future. Next time you're in, ask your favorite HMH budtender to help you find the perfect vaporizer. HMH also offers a line of oil cartridges, KAYA, which is more potent than ingesting flower, equally convenient and a wonderful option for those of us who are newer to cannabis. Of course, we still support buying those beautiful glass pieces and taking good care of them as well.


Now, down to the nitty-gritty: which method is going to feel better? Many of us use cannabis for a variety of medicinal reasons and/or for the pure pleasure that cannabis delivers. Smoking cannabis can be a lovely way to unwind at the end of a long day. As mentioned above, there is a certain ritual that comes with smoking our of our favorite pipe, leaning back, and letting the effects wash over us. Pain and stress slowly ebb away. These wonderful feelings are due to a complex concoction of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, including THC, CBD, CBN and countless others. It is important to note that lighting flower on fire (combustion) can result in some of these delicate cannabinoids evaporating almost immediately. Vaporizers are ideal for maintaining a temperature where these cannabinoids are delivered straight into your system rather than burning off. So, while you might feel the effects of the flower you're ingesting after smoking, these effects will probably be even more apparent after vaping.


Now the most important aspect to consider: how do smoking and vaping affect our health? The first thing to mention is that cannabis itself is actually a bronchodilator (allowing more oxygen into our lungs). So why do some of us feel short of breath, light headed and dizzy after smoking? This is because of combusting cannabis flower, aka lighting it on fire. This releases tar, smoke, and carcinogens into our lungs. While cannabis smoke is comparatively much healthier than cigarette smoke, it still is not ideal. Vaporizing does not combust cannabis, resulting in a gentler vapor rather than smoke. Of course, it is also important to understand the growing techniques behind the flower your ingesting: was it grown with artificial fertilizers or pesticides? These substances can also be detrimental. Luckily- HMH utilizes all-natural growing techniques for our flower, ensuring the safest cannabis for our patients.

Our verdict: Vaporizing is the way to go. While there is, of course, more research that needs to be done, but between our experience and the studies that have been completed, vaporizing is healthier and delivers better effects than smoking. Vaporizers may be a bit pricier but will be a wonderful investment if you're dedicated to cannabis therapy. We encourage any method that is the healthiest; with vaporizing, you are more likely to avoid harmful carcinogens, tar, and other substances.

Happy medicating!


Words by Taylor Haynes