Cannabis Strains for your Labor Day Weekend

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What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend? 

The air is a bit crisp. The sun is shining. And best of all -- it's a three day weekend.

Labor Day is one of the best holidays of the year because it gives us an excuse to take a break from work and/or school to relax a little. Make sure to enjoy this special Monday. I mean, how many Mondays can we actually enjoy?

This holiday's origins are rooted in the labor movement. Dedicated as a day to celebrate the achievements of laborers, it began with the Great Railroad Strike of 1877. The strike came on the heels of an industry-wide pay cut; railroad workers were left with mere change for their hard labor. Beyond the railroad industry, workers and unions were realizing their power to challenge the wealthy. The nation was swept with a sense of dissatisfaction among workers -- the late 19th century saw some of the greatest unrest. The secretary of the Central Labor Union in New York, Matthew MaGuire, is credited with first suggestion to make a national holiday in honor of the labor movement and workers past and present. It became a federal holiday in 1894.

So celebrate your hard work during the year and celebrate the beginning of fall. We recommend perfecting the festivities with a few of our favorite cannabis strains, now at High Mountain Health!

7K - 50/50 Hybrid - Tier 2

This strains' parentage is Mt. Ranier and Gorilla Glue, making it a wonderfully even and balanced hybrid. We recommend vaping this strain to fully experience the unique citrus and diesel tasting notes. This strain is ideal for a creative day spent journaling, painting or hosting an arts and crafts party.

Durban Poison - 100% Sativa - Tier 1 

An all-time favorite, Durban Poison is back! We love this strain for its incomparable euphoric and energizing effects. Deeply sweet and spicy, this strain is perfect for a day spent socializing, going for a brisk jog, or barbequing in the back yard.

Hoping for a more chilled-out holiday? We've got you covered with this heady, heavy Indica: Sweet Afghani Delicious. This strain lives up to its name with its intense aroma and dense, musky buds. This strain is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and totally blissful.