Impress your Guests: Cannabis and the Midsummer Dinner Party

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The late summer sun lingers in the periwinkle sky. Ponderosas sway in the evening breeze—it’s the perfect night for hosting friends. Hosting a dinner party is one thing, but hosting a cannabis-themed dinner party is on a new level. These lazy summer evenings provide the ideal setting. Are you ready to kick back, relax, medicate and eat some food? (Really, who doesn’t love that combination?!) In Arizona, this gathering is made possible by our state’s medical marijuana laws.

The first step is making sure that your cannabis get-together is completely legal. Ensuring this beforehand will let you enjoy yourself later on. Make sure your invitees have active, current medical cards. Furthermore, for the safely of everyone included, it can be helpful to provide a place for your friends to crash afterward so no one has to drive. If they do need to get home, call a Lyft or a taxi.

Set up the necessary precautions (I promise we are getting to the fun part soon!). Make sure you have water for your guests as well as a comfortable, safe place for them to hang out. It could helpful to have some CBD oil on hand (such as Hempful or Charlotte’s Web, both available at HMH), just in case someone overmedicates and begins to feel anxious. CBD is wonderful as an anti-anxiety aid.*

Create an ambiance: We recommend setting up some nice floor pillows, incense, fun lights—or, even better, lava lamps—and low tables for eating. Or, if you have the option (and if weather permits) set up a picnic table on your porch. Make it picturesque by hanging outdoor lights or lanterns, and decorate the table with potted plants. There’s no need to go out and buy a ton of supplies, though—let your personality shine through. Put on your favorite Spotify playlist and drift through the dreamy evening... Comfort is key.

Now for the menu—this can be the most important part. Take into consideration any dietary restrictions that your guests have, but then feel free to get crafty. If you really want to impress, don’t shy away from infused recipes, like this amazing Ambrosia fruit salad. We also love these deluxe cannabutter recipes—mouthwatering garlic and chive infused butter on a flaky biscuit is sure to be a favorite. Pick up some medicated honey sticks (see right)  to sweeten a pitcher of tart lemonade. Tinctures are also a convenient and easy option to add a little extra pizazz to beverages and sauces.

Just make sure to keep track of dosing, so you can let your guests know. A single recommended dose of THC according to the state of Colorado is 5mg. In our experience, 5mg offers some psychoactive changes, some euphoria, but is still functional and alert. (This, of course, depends on the individual ingesting the medicine). 

If your guests prefer to ingest cannabis through inhalation, encourage them to bring their favorite pipe or vaporizer to use. If you’re feeling generous, maybe have a few select strains on hand for people to try out. They might want to bring their own as well. We recommend hybrids —they are usually very appetite stimulating—or a nice sativa to help with socializing. A few favorites: Girl Scout Cookies, Blueberry Cough and Green Crack. If you’re looking for a calmer evening in (ending with a movie perhaps?), try out a gentle Indica such as Caramel Ice. As always, feel free to discuss the effects of a particular flower with your cannabis consultant at HMH! We'd be happy to help you decide.

Medicating with other adults can be a liberating experience. In the past, using cannabis was often an isolating experience: people tended not to discuss it for fear of legal repercussions. Today, as cannabis has become increasingly normalized, it has entered the social sphere. Just as people may use alcohol to loosen up, cannabis can be a healthier and safer option. Discussing cannabis with others who are familiar with it can open your eyes to the vast range of benefits this plant offers. It may encourage you to explore different strains or methods of ingestion. Your guests will thank you for the opportunity.

*CBD can also be a lovely infusing agent. CBD has many medicinal benefits, including anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic and anti-spasmodic. It does not induce psychoactive effects, but many describe a calming, warm and happy effect. Infusing a cocktail with CBD can provide an opportunity for guests to realize this lesser-known cannabinoid.

-- Words by Taylor Haynes